January 21, 2011

when Church becomes a healing service

Why is it so strange for so many Christians when we offer to pray for healing. Even though we are in a Church that embraces the miraculous, many who attend think it unusual.

This morning after calling out many different words of knowledge, about a dozen people stood for prayer by those around them. I was able to speak with several of those who were healed after the service - a left shoulder was healed after a 10 year chronic problem. A right ear was significantly better (which was called out) and also the woman's entire right side was healed.

Looking forward to hearing from some of the others who I didn't get to catch up with.

Johnny Rockets is a place for burger and miracles

Last night I was on a date with my daughter (Desert Princess is out of the country). We found out that our server had a headache. We told her (Filipino Christian) that God wanted to heal her. I had my daughter lay hands on her and we prayed together - 2x. The headache left completely. We asked her several times and she said it was all gone.

We had had our desert - so we passed on the milk shakes.

shopping with my daughter and the Kingdom comes

I was out with my 13 year-old daughter in a small store. I got a word of knowledge for a hindu man's lower back. He let me pray and was healed. Another hindu woman let us pray for her after that. She had a neck problem. The Lord touched her. Then she says, "even though I am hindu, I go to Church". Gotta love that. May she now commit herself to the one who is her Healer.

word of knowledge in Starbucks leads to prayer

I got a word of knowledge for the man behind the counter at Starbucks. He let me pray and the Holy Spirit began to come upon his shoulder. He was definitely touched and wanted to meet me again - he was a Christian. Macchiatos and Miracles.