February 01, 2007

Deafness soon to go?

We had a chance to meet again (Isaac of Ninevah and I) with the Iraqi Muslim man who is partially deaf in both ears. He is the man I wrote the apology letter to (see November 17, 2006 "Apology to a Muslim friend who wasn't healed").

Since returning from our trip where we saw the man healed who was deaf in one ear since birth, I have been trying to meet up with this Iraqi man. I'd hadn't seen him in a while and then I bumped into him a couple of times and suggested we get together.

We were finally able to meet and I was able to share about the deaf ear we saw open earlier in the month. He asked at one point, "...but why couldn't you heal me"? OUCH! Great question and one we HAVE TO let the unbelievers ask us. We are called to accurately represent Christ as "little Christs", doing the VERY works that He did. Jesus NEVER came up short when praying for a deaf ear. He never had to "give excuses". He always got the job done, brought heaven to earth and destroyed whatever work of the devil was staring Him in the face.

Well - the evening ended with a tentative appointment for next week. He wants to be healed. We want to see him healed. God wants to heal him. The only being who is casting an opposing vote is 'you know who'.

We don't want satan winning any more of our "Kingdom elections" - the power of his vote was broken at the Cross. We intend to see Jesus get what He paid for!

Lord gives Moroccan Muslim a back massage

More than any other of our Muslim friends, we have seen God move the most powerfully in the lives a a Moroccan couple - visions, dreams, healings, and powerful experiences with the Holy Spirit. One time, Jesus appeared to the husband after he had asked me about the crucifixion in a dream to answer the question personally. As much as I appreciate apologetics and "giving an answer", when the 2nd Person of the Trinity personally shows up to answer the skeptics question, it is just better!

Last night was the first time they had been over in a while. We got to share with them many of the stories of what God has been doing - especially during our trip to a neighboring country. While I was in the middle of sharing, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge about his back. Sure enough, he was having problems. As I began to pray for him, the Lord came and touched his back. Afterwards I told him that God wanted him to have a "divine back massage" from the Lord personally. He began to laugh and said that he had told his wife that day, "I really need a back massage TODAY". As we prayed, the Lord came upon him as He always seems to do with this man and really gave him 'refill'. I find it humorous that this man comes to our house (still as a Muslim) to encounter God - something he doesn't get at the Mosque.

As they were leaving, I got another word of knowledge for the wife - they were sitting in their car in front of our house. We prayed once - nothing happened. We prayed a second time and the pain/discomfort left her shoulder.

Can't wait for them to come back for more "refilling". May they truly come back soon for the ultimate refilling - the filling of the Holy Spirit when they are truly born again.

January 29, 2007

You Are the Light of the World

Tonight we met with a man who wanted to hear from God. After some prayer, I felt like the Lord had given me several "words" for this man. So, I told him all that I had written down. A lot of it was simple edification and there were a few words that were right on. After I asked him if one of the things I had said was true for him, he nodded and replied, "Yes, but can we talk about it alone?" (There were four other people around.) As we were leaving, we pulled aside and he asked some more questions. He asked me (among other things) if I could receive prophetic words (my phrasing) sitting at home for him. I assured him that God was everywhere and I could ask Him anytime and any place for words for him. He smiled and said, "I don't know what the word is in English but your face is 'noor.'" I smiled back, "light."

"Yes, light."

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.