August 25, 2007

Summer summary

I haven’t posted all summer, but it has been eventful. While on holiday in North America, we shared with many people about what God is doing. We prayed for many who are sick, in body and in spirit. During the summer, the Lord also gave me many vivid dreams and revelatory insights. Here is a brief list of some of the things that my wife (Star) and/or I have seen God do in the last two months:

  • After a time of prayer, a strained relationship between a mother and her adult daughter began to show significant signs of improvement.
  • We prayed over a child’s bedroom so that the child could sleep better at night, and not awake suddenly full of fear. After this, the child could sleep much better without going to her parents’ room during the night.
  • The Lord shone light into the shadowy secret life of a man’s porn addiction, putting hope in his heart about the reality of deliverance.
  • We prayed for a man who had come to us with a chronic back condition – he reported “intense heat” where Star had her hands placed. Star was also prompted to ask him if he needed to forgive anyone – which he did. After this, he reported a total improvement!
  • Star and I went to a hospital room to pray for a single mother with 3 young children (who were currently being cared for by neighbours while the mother was hospitalized). At that point, she looked terrible and had many intravenous lines in her. She had blood clots and collapsed veins. As we prayed, I sensed that she’d be out of hospital and looking after her own children within 48 hours – and she was! The change in her was remarkable next time we saw her.
  • Star and I prayed for a man with kidney stones. As we prayed, Star got a picture of stones disintegrating and passing in water. He reported later that where my hands were, he felt "heat"! We haven't yet heard a further report from him.
  • I prayed for a woman with asthma - she reported a significant improvement in her ability to breathe.
  • I prayed for two different women who had painful varicose veins – both reported a significant (if not total) decrease in pain, and one spoke of a “crackling” feeling in her legs that she felt corresponded to healing as it spread through her legs.
  • Star and I prayed for a young woman in our kitchen – she had a lot of neck, shoulder & back pain from an accident 2 years ago… she felt “heat” where Star’s hands were placed, and left feeling much better than when she arrived! Whereas before she could barely lift anything, after we prayed she lifted Star right off the floor as she hugged her!

We also prayed for many people for whom we did not see the result that we were asking for. Some were common ailments, while others were more exotic. But we believe that as we grow, we will see every affliction bow to the authority of Jesus. Meanwhile, we give honor and glory to our Lord for every instance where His power was displayed.

August 22, 2007

From the Donut shop to the Dry Cleaners

As I left the Donut shop in tears reflecting upon God's outrageous goodness and the awesome privledge it is to co-labor with Him, I am walking by a dry cleaners and a word of knowledge comes for the middle left-hand side/back. I walk in and ask the owner if he has a problem in that specific spot. Initially he was hesitant, but then he told me that 'yes' he did in fact have a problem in that very spot - although it wasn't hurting at that particular time.

I asked him to give me his hand - I prayed for the Kingdom to come in that place. I know it isn't going to be a problem any longer.

As I began to leave, he asked me to "please come back anytime". I should have offered him a donut!!

Healing Miracle in the Donut shop

Did you know than when the owner of a donut shop gets radically healed, you most likely get free donuts?

This morning while on a prayer walk, I went to my favorite donut hang out and overheard a customer asking the owner "what happened to your arm"? She described a nightmare situation wherein an elderly male with dementia attacked her in the assisted living home she works in for her 2nd job. He pulled her arm way up behind her back and threw her to the ground. She was in obvious pain with little ability to move her arm/shoulder without extreme discomfort.

I offered to pray and we went to the back of the shop - she seemed more comfortable than in public. I prayed the 1st time and about 1/2 the pain left and she was able to lift the arm with alot less pain.

As I heard her still describe to her customers the lingering problem, I knew I had to pray again. Jesus NEVER left anybody 50% better - and I was determined to 'accurately represent Him' this morning.

We went back into the back for the 2nd time of prayer and after praying again, we were about 85% pain-free. She was quite encouraged and so was I. However, we still had 15% to go. She said there was a 'clicking' in her back when she moved the arm. Since there is 'no clicking' in the Kingdom of Heaven, I went after that and as a word of knowledge began to come into my shoulder-blade region where her pain was, the Lord completely healed this dear woman.

At this point, we always have the most fun. She began to say, "It's a miracle, It's a miracle! What did you do? How did you do that?" She was the most thankful person I've seen in a while - she just kept moving her arm in disbelief. She says, "Where's my son (who was manning the counter up front), I need to tell him what happened".

I got to clearly explain that Jesus, who is God, showed up to touch you this morning. I emphasized His Divinity, because one of her children is a Jehovah's Witness. I made the point that Jehovah's Witnesses CAN'T heal the sick!!!

As I tried to leave, she began to load up a box full of donuts for me to take. I said "No", but she insisted. My daughter is now actively giving all the donuts away at her lemonade stand - freely we receive, freely we give. We freely give the Kingdom and I guess we also must freely give the donuts away.

August 20, 2007

Knee condition revealed through a word of knowledge

As I acted as a "catcher" for a husband/wife ministry team, I kept getting a word of knowledge for a left knee problem. Since I would move along with the couple as they ministered, catching anybody who might hit the deck, I figured it was for one of them.

I then approached the wife afterwards and asked if she or her husband had a left knee condition - she said, "Yes, my left knee was really bothering me last night". I prayed briefly, and then a few minutes later I had my wife and a number of people from our Church lay hands on her and really go after the healing. We don't know the outcome yet because it wasn't hurting when we prayed, but we know that God doesn't give words of knowledge for our entertainment - they represent His Kingdom priorities at the moment.

Carpal Tunnel Sydrome healed

While at a conference, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a wrist problem in the left wrist. I asked the woman who I was talking to and it wasn't for her. Her friend however said that she had the problem. We prayed and she said the felt the affliction literally leave out through a part of her body! I asked if there was any more pain. She said, "No, I told you it just left my body!". So much for my giant faith.