March 18, 2009

when the whole room's been healed - all muslims!

the other night I was visiting a Gulf Arab muslim friend who had been touched through healing prayer. He had had a major surgery and was in excruciating pain. After we prayed for him, the pain just left. His brother had also been healed when we prayed for him. A family friend (another Gulf Arab muslim) had also been healed after we prayed for him. So we are sitting there and I learn that the brother's girlfriend (a Gulf Arab muslim too) had been in a bad car accident and had had surgery on her knee. I asked how it was and she said it was painful when she did certain things.

I asked her to come sit in the chair next to mine as I wanted to pray for her. At that moment, ALL THREE GUYS BEGAN TESTIFYING how God had healed them when we had prayed for them. Talk about a cheering section!!! Anyway, I got to pray for her and the Lord began to move on her knee. She could feel the presence of God. She got up and began to test it out and testified to there been a marked difference. She said it felt more stable and that something had definitely changed.

From there, the invites get coming - one guy's mother needed prayer and the other man's wife also did. I love it when healings, lead to more healing appointments. Lord, let your Kingdom Come!!!