July 28, 2007

Kingdom ministry in Restaurant - Part 2

This morning we had our second meeting with the staff of the second restaurant. Again the Lord was faithful to speak – He released a number of words of knowledge and we saw several healings. What made the past two days powerful was the fact that nobody knew anybody else. We were all complete strangers to one another, so when the Lord spoke accurately it was a powerful confirmation that the Lord was present. One of the women who had been powerfully touched on the 1st day, came and shared her testimony. She shared how she had doubted us initially, but as the Lord began to reveal things that only He could have known, she soon became convinced that the Lord was speaking. She was ultimately the person most touched by the Holy Spirit.

Some of the healings - I received a word of knowledge for a woman’s shoulder and when we prayed, she was healed. I got another one for a man with a knee problem. He was healed after we prayed for him. There were a couple of other healings as well that I didn’t get the specific details about.

Again the most significant ministry seemed to be the prophetic words that the Lord gave for all the different staff people. Our team was about 8 people and most of them were receiving prophetic revelation and sharing it with each employee. Tears welled up in eyes of several of the women as the Lord communicated His thoughts about them. Many of the words were confirmed as two or more of the team would receive exactly the same word for the same person.

I truly believe that as the End of the Age draws near, the frequency of miracles in the marketplace will increase exponentially. There won’t be time and there won’t even be the space for people to come to the Church to receive prayer and encounter God. Our paradigm MUST change. Truly we are seeing more happen when we are outside the Churches walls than when we are inside. May more of the Body of Christ catch this very vision.

July 27, 2007

Holy Spirit touches people in House Church meeting

Last night, Desert Princess and myself ministered together in a House Church meeting. During the time we were sharing, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a upper neck/head problem. One man had this problem and we prayed for him corporately and all the pain left. We gave a couple of other words too, but waited for the ministry time to pray for those people. I am only able to relate some of what happened, because when we broke into groups for prayer, I was in one group, Desert Princess was in another and a good friend of ours had a third one.

There was a real hunger for impartation - even before the meeting several had asked if we could have a time to pray for God to release Gifts of the Spirit. During the ministry time, the Lord rested on a number people and several women felt something tangible in their hands. I believe these women received healings gifts.

Much of the time we prayed for physical conditions and we saw breakthroughs with several people - a woman's locked shoulder was released and movement restored after a word of knowledge and prayer. One man who had a serious back condition saw a noticable change after we prayed several times for him.

Finally, a number of people testified to having had powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit - one friend of ours told Desert Princess that she had never felt the Father's love like she did last night. There was also quite a bit of prophetic ministry during the prayer times.

We didn't end up leaving until about 11:30pm (having started a little after 7).

Prophetic ministry, healing and deliverance for restaurant staff – Part 1

After meeting the owner of a chain of restaurants and giving her a prophetic word last week, the door was open for us to go back as a team and minister to about 8 of the restaurant’s staff.

After a couple of words of knowledge for conditions that needed healing, a real spirit of prophecy was released and our team began to prophesy over each and every one of the staff. We didn’t know any of these people at all, but it was obvious that the Lord was speaking powerfully as tears began to flow and other non-verbal signs of confirming that the words being spoken were accurate.

The Lord touched many of them – He spoke about issues in peoples’ pasts, He spoke about their gifts and spoke words of hope and encouragement in the midst of lots of personal pain.

After giving many words to the group, we broke into smaller groups for prayer – the Lord came powerfully upon many of them, some were crying, one couldn’t stay on her feet, and several demonic strongholds were also broken.

I don’t know about you, but the next time you go out to lunch, see if the Lord will give you a word for one of the staff and see where it leads. In our case, we got to take a team and prophesy, release healing and bring deliverance from demonic torment. Tomorrow we are going back to another of the owners’ restaurants – more to come.

July 25, 2007

more healings and prophetic ministry

The other night my wife and I ministered in a Church. I spoke of the miraculous during the sermon and then we had the chance to minister healing and to minister prophetically over anybody who wanted prayer. I had told those coming for prayer NOT to tell me what their need was, but to let the Lord show me through a word of knowledge.

The prayer time lasted for almost two hours as people waited for prayer. The first woman who came up had an ankle problem and the Lord healed it completely. The Lord showed me a number of the problems that people had with words of knowledge. Often a person would come for another need/concern and when I asked them, "what is wrong in your wrist"? (or whatever place the Lord showed me in a word of knowledge). A number of people were touched and we saw a handful of people who testified to being healed.

There were also a number of prophetic words that the Lord gave my wife and I for different people who really needed to hear from God about their current situations or their futures.

July 23, 2007

The Week in Review

God has done some amazing things in the past week since we arrived back in the US. On one night, I was able to do some impartation with some guys and during this week they have seen an increase in the prophetic and healing anointings. One of my friends immediately began moving in physical words of knowledge and gave two accurate ones in the space of 24 hrs. Another friend who was already prophetic experienced an increase in words. Finally, another friend's visionary capacity has also increased. One of the other guys in the group had some great dreams.

This past weekend, we traveled to another city to be a part of a conference with a well-known prophetic voice. The icing on the cake was that there were other well-known prophetic voices also there. In fact, there was one author there just in the audience. As we were walking around looking for seating, I saw his name on a piece of paper on the seat. When he came in to sit down, I recognized him from the the picture on his book I had bought three days before. As he was leaving, I was able to stop him and ask him for impartation. He was really eager and approachable. Between him and the other conference people, I really feel like I got an awesome deposit that I started drawing on tonight.

Tonight, I was able to share in a church about some of the things the Lord has been doing in my life and in our ministry overseas. Before going, I was in prayer and the Lord just spoke to me in my heart about how He was going to use my words. To be honest, last summer I was pretty uptight before going to speak and really anxious about getting my words right, but the Spirit came down and dropped His heart into mine and I really felt Him near as I was speaking. I really felt like He was releasing the manifestation of what I was talking about AS I was talking. In a word, incredible. After we spoke, I was able to pray for several people. One lady came up and I got a physical word for her back which was dead on. I was also able to prophesy over her for a few minutes. The awesome thing is that she was one of the hungriest people there and she is 80 years old! How humbling was it for me to pray for this dear saint and to hear her heart of wanting everything Jesus had for her. Another lady came for prayer and I had another physical word of knowledge for her left side which was on. As I was praying for her, the Lord also gave me a ton of prophetic stuff and another word about healing for her head and neck. Her husband also came for prayer concerning a knee problem. Afterwards, he said that the pain was gone, but the tightness was there. All in all, it wasn't a bad night for praying for healing and prophesying in a Southern Baptist church!

Even as I'm writing this, I still feel the nearness of His anointing and I could just go on typing about all the great things He's doing in people's lives here. I really believe He's calling the church to walk in the now and to follow in their destiny now. The time for putting things on the shelf for later is over. The time for vision is now. Far too many churchgoers get a nice helping of guilt every Sunday for not doing what they pay others to do. It's time for Joe in pew four to break out and release the Kingdom in the donut shop. Praise God for all the great things He is doing, has done, and will do.

For people reading this, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of impartation. Every major jump in my spiritual journey has been predicated by someone futher ahead than me praying for me. I don't know how it works or why it works, but it seems to me that God has given some of our brothers and sisters stuff we don't have so we will humble ourselves, live in relationship with them, and gain what they've been given. God truly opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. True humility is honesty before God and recognition of your dependency on His way of doing things. So, if you're feeling like you're running a little empty, find someone moving in what you want to move in and have them pray for you. My motto now is: you can impart anything you got. Then, take what you've received for a little test drive and see what the Lord will do for you.

One Week with an Awesome God!

Last Sunday we had the privilege of sharing with our church some of the amazing ways God has shown His love and presence to those we have been praying for and ministering to. Our daughter had glitter on her hands again, and much to the amazement of others a 2 month old baby had glitter in his hair! A number of other children also experienced the glitter on their hands - what an amazing experience for them to experience first hand the nature of Papa God!

After sharing we also had a time of praying for those who wanted prayer. A friend who has had 2 back surgeries came forward for prayer because he was in constant pain and the doctors had told him that there was nothing else that they could do. While we prayed we were prompted to ask if there was anyone he needed to forgive. He prayed, forgave, and blessed the person who had hurt him. Then he reported feeling intense burning where my hands had been and that he had no more pain! Truly, our God is amazing! We rejoiced with him.

During the week we had the opportunity to pray and bless a young family's new home, as well as pray for a gentleman suffering from brain cancer. On Wed. we had the opportunity to go to the hospital and pray for a young, single mother, who has numerous medical problems. On our arrival at the hospital they were trying to take blood from her for testing, but were having no success. She did not look well at all, and had been admitted for blood clots. We prayed for her healing and that she would be able to be home by Friday to be able to look after her children as there was no one who could do that for her... Imagine our delight and joy at seeing her on Saturday at the churchs' annual campout! She reported that she had felt such a peace when we prayed for her, and she showed us her arms -- both the same size, and now impossible for anyone to know which arm had had the clot! She also stated that a lump on the side of her throat had practically vanished as well.

How could we be silent about such an amazing God?!?!

July 22, 2007

A prophetic word for a prophetic man

The other morning I met with a couple of friends who are both in the ministry. As we were talking, I really felt a strong prophetic word rise up for one of the men. I asked him why he wasn’t operating in a visible way with his ‘seer’ prophetic gift. I had the strong sense that this gift was much stronger in his past than it was currently.

As he began to share, he revealed that in fact his prophetic gifts were being used far more in the past than they were in recent years. The Lord had recently spoken to him essentially the very same thing that I told him. What I told him was really a confirmation of what the Lord had just shown him.

Prophetic word for restaurant owner opens a door for further ministry

I met a man to go to lunch and the Lord put a specific restaurant on my mind so we headed there. I thought I was going for the food, but actually the Lord had another plan altogether. As I walked into the restaurant, I noticed one of the people working in the restaurant and I felt the Lord gave me a prophetic word for her – He showed me something about her past. At the time, I had no idea that the woman happened to be the owner of the restaurant. After the lunchtime rush, I asked her to come and sit with us for a minute. She sat down and I began to tell her what I felt the Lord wanted to say to her. It turns out that she was a Christian already and was so encouraged by the word the Lord had for her. The prophetic word the Lord gave me was exactly what she had gone through before coming to the Lord.

We prayed for her and while praying the Lord revealed a pain she was having in her mouth by a word of knowledge. Finally, I asked her if we could come back and minister to the employees in her restaurants (she owns 7). We are now scheduled to go to two of her restaurants this week to pray and prophesy over her largely non-Christian employees.

Word of knowledge for office secretary

While meeting at a man’s office, I stepped out to walk down the hall to the bathroom. As I returned and walked past the open door of another business, I got a word of knowledge in one side of my upper back and neck. I stopped, walked into the office and asked the secretary if she had a problem in her upper back and neck. She did. I had a chance to pray for her and told her that the problem wasn’t going to return – it wasn’t actually hurting at that particular time, but was a regular problem for her.

Healing in a parking lot

I was out with a group of young people, I told them about the “miracle-back guarantee” – we don’t go back home, until we see a miracle. While in a mall, I approached a couple of people and wasn’t getting any opportunities to minister. While walking to the car, it looked as if we were going to head home without a miracle. In one last ditch effort, I approached a young couple and asked them if they needed a miracle in their bodies? They were a bit surprised by the question and initially denied they had any need. At that point the Lord gave a word of knowledge about a headache, and I asked which one of them had the headache. The woman did, I prayed and the headache left her immediately. We got to go back with our miracle!

Prophecy and healing during visit to Church

Recently while ministering in a Church, the Lord began to heal people that we were praying for. The longer we ministered, the more accurate and frequent the gift of the word of knowledge became. By the end of the ministry time, each person who was coming for prayer didn’t need to tell me what their need for healing was, as the Lord would reveal it through a word of knowledge. Also, the prophetic gifts were in operation and we were able to give a number of people meaningful prophetic words.

My wife, Desert Princess, was able to give several important, accurate prophetic words to several church members. In the end, I don’t know how many healings we saw because we weren’t counting, but there must have been at least 10 people who testified that all pain left there bodies related to their particular conditions.