September 14, 2007

Still Kicking

It is very rare that we're able to post about a healing AND a follow-up--especially months later. The past few days, I've been a little bummed and I just whispered to the Lord that I needed some encouragement this morning. He is always faithful to provide it one way or another and this time it was through my friend, Sojourner. Sojo called me this afternoon and told me that he had run into a friend who we had visited about six or seven months ago. During that visit, we had prayed for his uncle and some things the Lord had shown us about him. One of the words we had received had to do with his knee. He confirmed that it had been bothering him when he ran, but wasn't hurting at the time. We prayed for it nonetheless. He told us that he would check it out the next day. So, later that week (6-7 months ago now), he confirmed that his knee was no longer a problem when he ran. Now Sojo called me this afternoon (9/14) and told me that yesterday he ran into this same guy and he told my friend, "My knee hasn't bothered me at all since you prayed for it."

Praise God.

It boggles my mind that the Creator of all had this in the pipeline BEFORE I asked to encourage us. It also blows me away that this "little" miracle is still producing fruit in this man's life. It is humbling to think that even something as small as a healed, inflammed knee will continue to witness long after the pray-ers are gone.

September 09, 2007

Muslim man exclaims, "now you're scaring me"

A few nights ago I was out with a couple of the Joel 2 Generation ministry team in a restaurant. While sitting there, I look over at a group of men and as I focus on one of them, the Lord gives me a word of knowledge that the man has a problem/condition in his lower left back. I got up enough nerve to go for it and broke into his group with the revelation. At first he denied he had the condition, but then he suddenly remembered that he had a growth in that are that had only appeared within the past 4 months. I explained what God wanted to do, gave him my business card and told him to call me if he wanted prayer for healing.

I knew he would call - his curiosity and interest in how I knew about his condition got the best of him and he called me first thing the following morning.

Sojourner and I met with him the that night and as we prayed, the Lord's presence began to touch the affected area. While praying, the Lord gave me 3 other words of knowledge for conditions he had - one in the throat, one on the upper left leg/lower abdomen and finally for his knee knee.

After getting the word for his right knee, he said he had no problem there. I inquired further and asked if he had had an injury there in the past (I believe it was an "impression" from the Lord that I should ask that question). At that point, he says, "now you're scaring me"! as he remembers an injury to his knee years before from a knife wound. The knee only bothered him in certain weather conditions.

During our time together, this Muslim man got to hear us speak about the Kingdom of God and His outrageous goodness towards His creation. No debating - not even when I pointed out some marked differences between our faiths illustrating how the grace in Christ was far better than the works system of his religion.

In the end, he told me that he was sure I was some kind of fortune-teller when I first approached him. Funny what people think when we release God's Kingdom.

I am still waiting on this man to call me back with an update on what has happened since prayer. All I know is that he felt God's presence in the affected area in his back during prayer - a sensation that didn't end the entire time we were together. The other conditions weren't bothering him at the time we prayed, and so we didn't have a way to test those out yet.

I can't wait till he calls me back with the testimonies!