October 18, 2016

Syrian muslim man receives prayer after word of knowledge

As we are leaving the Turkish restaurant, a number of the servers were all standing together including the Turkish woman who had been healed.  They had obviously been talking about what had transpired and then I said something in Arabic and one of the servers from Syria began to speak to me in Arabic.  As we spoke, I got another clear word of knowledge for a something going on in his chest.  He said it was true and let me pray for him.  I prayed in Arabic and used the Lord’s prayer to release God’s Kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven”.  He was touched.  The problem in his chest would come and go and wasn’t a problem at that particular time but I will follow up with them.

What I loved about the evening was that when Jesus speaks (through words of knowledge) and then heals muslims, it became the “talk of the night” and that was thrilling.  How God spoke to a couple of Christian customers, how He came and took away one muslim’s pain and I can’t imagine what else was considered.

Turkish muslim healed after word of knowledge

While we were eating in a Turkish restaurant, I was offering to pray for any of the staff who were sick or had pain with my muslim Turkish server.  While I was explaining what I wanted to do, I got a distinct word of knowledge for someone with a pain in the left side of the neck.  I asked him to go and find that person.  A few minutes later he brings up a female Turkish co-worker who had the problem.  He started to walk away and I told him to stay and watch.  I had her put her hand on her neck, I prayed a quick prayer in English closing in the Name of Jesus.  I asked her how it was and all of sudden she switches into Turkish with our server and they are discussing what had just happened.  I knew what had happened as that “look” on her face told the story.  She was shocked.  She couldn’t believe what had just happened.  They went away talking about it and I told them I would be back (of course I am thinking to follow up).  It was clear they talked about it for quite a while.  And as we were getting up to leave, something else happened which will be shared in the next post.