November 15, 2008

iraqi and bangladeshi muslims healed in the desert

while we were out in the desert riding quads, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for the guys we rented the quads from - first of all there was a shoulder condition. I asked a couple of Iraqi muslims, but it wasn't for them. Then their Bangladeshi muslim co-worker came up. it was for him. I prayed for him and he was healed.

We talked about the power that Jesus had/has to heal and I explained we Christians have been given the same mandate to heal the sick.

Then I got another word of knowledge for one of the Iraqi muslims - a toe problem on the left big toe. One of the guys had broken his tow and it wasn't even strait. That was until after prayer. I laid my hands on his foot and prayed. After I was done, he began to move it (which he couldn't really do before). There was much more movement. What however really was shocking to him was that it was now strait! If he hadn't said it, I probably wouldn't have believed it - but he was telling his friends that his toe was no longer bent.

Not a bad time quading - have fun, heal the sick, go home!

Egyptian couple comes for healing prayer

at considerable cost to themselves, an Egyptian couple came all the way across the city for healing prayer to have a baby. The woman had had 2 miscarriages. It was just a great time as the Lord revealed a several things through words of knowledge - a back problem, a foot problem, an ear problem and also finally a digestive problem. Beyond the revelation that the Lord was giving, He also came powerfully upon the wife. The felt His touch throughout her body.

doin the stuff is so fun!!

November 12, 2008

more muslims healed at my school

Today in Math class I was sitting next to Ahmed (the boy who was healed last week) again.  Sitting in front of was another muslim boy who heard Ahmed's testimony first.  They are good friends.  He said his head hurt out loud.  I asked him, "Are you joking" and he said, "No".  I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed again silently (because we were in class).  I asked him if all the pain was gone and he told me it was.  Ahmed asked me, "How do you do this"?  I said, "God gives me the power to heal".

I was thinking that I would like to show Ahmed that I don't only heal headaches, but that Jesus heals other things too.  Then I got a word of knowledge for a left arm problem.  So I asked him, "Do you have a problem in one of your arms?"  He said, "Yes" (it was in his left arm which is where I got the word of knowledge).  He said he couldn't move his arm very well and there was a lot of pain. I asked if I could pray for him and then I put my hand on his arm and prayed.  

After this, he started testing out his arm and said, "the pain is gone"!

after one muslim boy is healed at my school, another muslim comes to me for prayer

This is my very first blog post, I turn 13 years old this month.

Last week at school I was in Math class and I got a word of knowledge for a headache. Then I got put next to a muslim friend of mine named Ahmed who said his head hurt.  I was a bit nervous and kept asking him "do you still have pain"?  He said yes every time I asked.  So finally I asked him, "can I pray for you"?  He said, "OK".  He asked, "Am I supposed to close my eyes or something?".  I told him it didn't matter.  I put my hand on his arm and prayed silently (because we were in the middle of class).  I then asked him, "So, how's it feeling"?  And he rubbed his head and said, "It's all gone"!  He was absolutely shocked.  After class, my muslim friend starts telling all his friends who muslims what happened.

Later on the same day, at the end of my Science class, the same guy from a distance said, "my head hurts again".  His other friend was laughing.  I thought they were mocking me.  However, after class I offered to pray for him again.  I did and then the pain was less.  I prayed a second time and all the pain left again.

While I was at my locker, the guy who had been laughing comes up and says, "Ahmed said what you did caused the pain to leave his head.  My head hurts too, can you pray for me?"  He put arm out (because that is where I put my hand when I prayed for Ahmed!)  So I put my hand on his arm and prayed. He said thank you and left before I could ask him what happened.

A couple of days later, my friend Ahmed asked me to pray for him again because he had another headache.  I prayed for him and he sighed loudly in relief after prayer.  I could tell he was healed again.

November 11, 2008

strong word of knowledge for Gulf Arab muslim man

I had just left a time of prayer with some Indian ministers when I got this incredibly strong word of knowledge for a left knee problem. I was just walking down the street when the word came. Now I begin looking for someone. The first person I came across (in fact the only person I came across during my 10 minute walk) was a Gulf Arab muslim sitting down. I just walked up to him and asked him, "can I ask you a strange question, do you have a left knee problem"? He looked a bit surprised and asked why. I just asked him to confirm whether or not he had a knee problem and then I'd tell him why. He said, "yes, my left knee has a problem". I explained that the Lord had given me a revelation about someone needing healing in their left knee. He let me pray for him. I just released the Lord's prayer over his knee as I lay hands on him.

He thanked me and I went on my way. Just wondering what he's thinking now - a Christian walks up to him with revelation that he has a left knee problem, prays for him and walks away.

Talk about the Lord's ways being different from our own!

Arab women getting healed (part 2)

One healing was particularly special, because a woman who was healed, prayed for another woman who was healed.

Lebanese woman with a knee problem came for prayer. I prayed once and the pain didn’t leave. I prayed again and had her test it out. This time it was all the pain was gone. She was absolutely shocked which is so fun. I then had her pray for another woman with a knee problem (which was a new concept for them) and after praying for the other woman two times she was healed as well. She was equally as shocked!

Arab women getting healed (part 1)

A Lebanese woman had a frozen shoulder and couldn’t lift her arm up at all. Doctors had told her this was the most stubborn case they had seen. I prayed and declared it would be “the easiest case to heal according to Jesus”. I prayed a total of 3 times and each time it got better and better. All the pain left and she had like 85% mobility when we were done.

I prayed for another woman from Iran with digestive problems. She felt fire in her stomach and went into like a trance – her eyes were open but she was somewhere else. She couldn’t stand. She had a major encounter with the Lord.

One Arab woman came up to me after the meeting and said that she didn’t come up to me for healing, because her back was healed sovereignly while I was speaking about the supernatural experiences I’ve had. When she came into the meeting she had horrible back pain and had difficulty sitting. She left without pain.

Another woman was healed of back and neck pain.