December 09, 2016

Iranian muslim women healed at party

This is a testimony from Desert Princess from this evening:

“I was invited to a goodbye party that was all Iranian muslim women.  I was asked to share about how I learned about God’s love.  So I was able to share all about Christ and His Gospel.  My friend told them that I also pray for people to be healed.  They were so excited.  As I was getting ready to pray for the first women, I got a word of knowledge about a neck and back problem which is what she needed.  She was quite surprised that God had revealed her pain!  I prayed and all her pain left.  She had her eyes closed during my prayer and when she opened them she sighed and described the incredible peace she felt flowing through her body.  I then got a word for a jaw/face problem which she also had as she had just had some dental work done and was in pain.  I prayed for that and all the pain left as well.  She was really shocked and amazed.  Then another muslim woman came and sat next to me for prayer.  She had a complaint about her eyes hurting ever since she had had Lasik surgery done 6 years earlier.  Constant pain in her eyes for six years.  I prayed once and there was only a slight difference.  I said I would pray again and did.  I took my hand away and she too was having an encounter with God.  Then she said that all the pain left.  Immediately after this, the first woman who had been healed states, “We need your number”!  They then wanted me to pray for their 3 teenage daughters who were there for whatever God would show me.  Remember these are ALL muslim women asking a Christian to pray and prophesy over them!  Two of the teenage girls had special encounters with the Lord during my prayer and I was able to prophesy over each of them.  That is my kind of Going Away party!"