May 17, 2008

Moroccan muslim couple receive healing and prophetic ministry

Isaac of Ninevah, Hadassah, Desert Princess and I all went to visit the family of the Moroccan woman whose wrist was healed. A little pain had returned but Desert Princess, Hadassah and I prayed for her and the pain was gone again. There seems to be some issues with some occult practices that may be contributing to the problem, but we were able to pray for them. Also, the issue of a broken relationship came to us prophetically which she confirmed.

Next we ministered to her muslim husband. I sat down next to him and said, "Don't tell me where you have pain, I want the Lord to show me by revelation". I waited and I sensed 3 words of knowledge - a foot problem, a right ear problem and a shoulder problem. The foot problem didn't seem right, BUT he had both a right ear problem and a shoulder problem - both of which left after prayer! He felt the presence of the Lord moving in those areas and when the sensations stopped, all pain/weakness was gone.

Isaac began to prophesy a number of amazingly accurate words - details about his upbringing, things that happened to him, etc. I'll let him blog about it. But the guy was so touched by the prophetic words, he told his wife how this guy was seeing all the things about his life - reminds me of the story of the woman at the well in John 4 - "come see a man who told me everything I ever did".

We had an amazing afternoon!

Follow-up at the Bank

Earlier this week, my wife and I were able to minister to a lady at the bank. This morning, I went back to the bank and saw the same lady again. She was excited to see me and told me that I was right on about some of the stuff we had emailed her. She said that not only was it accurate, but very recent, too. As we were talking, she showed me the goosebumps on her arms as the presence of the Lord came upon her (she thought it was just goosebumps). She asked if we could email her again with more stuff from God! As she checked on my stuff for me, she told me, "You're really close to God, aren't you?" I told her that I was. I also told her that the Lord had only revealed general things about her to us-- enough to catch her attention and for her to realize how much He was interested in her life. I told her that He doesn't tell secrets, that He's not that kind of friend. Right before I left, I gave her my wife's mobile number so they could meet up again outside of work.

As I left the bank without actually accomplishing what I wanted to get done, I realized that the Lord must have had a different agenda. I laughed to myself because it was one of the few times that I didn't really care about not getting what I had came for.

The fields are white with harvest. Where are the harvesters?

Better Late Than Never!

Last week, DJ set me up with an opportunity to pray for a lady working at the Starbucks where I work. As I was going to work, we stopped by for some coffee and some shooba. I asked the lady what her problem was and she said that her shoulder hurt. I told her that I was going to pray for her and not to freak out when she felt something on her shoulder. I asked her if she believed in prayer and she nodded saying she was Catholic. We normally lay hands on people, but in this situation I didn't feel it was appropriate, so I just started praying. She bowed her head and closed her eyes. I simply asked Jesus to come to heal her shoulder. After a few seconds, I asked her to move her arm and she barely turned her wrist all the while keeping her eyes closed (I don't know if she was feeling the "sauce" or was just being reverential). I asked her to open her eyes and really move her arm. She started swinging it like she was doing fast-pitch softball and her eyes got really big and said that all the pain was gone! She also said that her arm felt really cold. I went ahead and told her some of the things that I felt God had told me about her like she was a leader and that she could sense others' emotions. She told me she was the manager there and that she had had the ability to sense others' emotions for a long time. I encouraged her to continue to develop that and ask the Lord what He might want to do when she started feeling something.

This was last week, but an old testimony is better than not writing one at all!

May 15, 2008

Moroccan muslim woman’s wrist healed after doctors couldn’t help

While we were ministering to the 2nd waitress I just wrote about, I saw a muslim woman sitting near me with a brace on her wrist (what we call a “visual word of knowledge” jokingly). Before I had time to think about it and get nervous, I approached quickly and asked her what happened to her arm. She told me that 4 years earlier, she had hit her hand and has been in constant pain ever since. No one could even touch her hand without it hurting. She went to every hospital in this country and did all sorts of tests and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong and why they couldn’t help her. Her plan was to have a surgery when she went back to Morocco (her home country).

I told her that I would like to pray for her and that God would heal her. I shared the testimonies of the two waitresses. She said, “do it, do it” eagerly. I prayed a number of times, and each time it kept getting noticeably better. She was shocked at the improvements and kept asking me to keep praying. Maybe after like the 5th time, I had Hadassa join me to pray a couple of more times. (this testimony really illustrates how critical it is to keep praying again and again until they are healed) By the end, she was healed! As a final test, she had her husband grab her hand. As soon as it hit her that she was completely healed, she burst into tears! It was an incredible experience.

We are invited to lunch on Friday – can’t wait to see what God will do next time!

Holy Spirit comes upon 2 waitresses

While I was in a restaurant, the waitress came to take our order. I could tell she was heavy hearted. Isaac got the word “knee”. She said it was her knee and her foot. I asked if we could pray. She came and sat down with us. Hadassa and I began to pray for her and immediately the waitress could feel the Holy Spirit. It was like she was in a daze and she kept saying, “something’s in me, something’s in me”. She was so touched and began to cry. All pain had left both her knee and her foot. It was amazing how quickly the Holy Spirit came upon her.

A little while later, the waitress that was healed brought another coworker who needed healing for asthma. The symptoms included fatigue and headaches. As soon as we laid hands upon her, tears began to flow down her face. Again the Holy Spirit touched her so quickly. She felt something was changing inside of her chest – God was doing something. She said she felt “light” and you could see the joy of the Lord on her face.

May 13, 2008

Last Call

Last night around 1:30 AM or so, we were leaving an area where we had hoped to see a lot of miracles, but didn't see very many at all. As we were walking to the car, we noticed two guys standing around and talking. I walked up and asked if one of them had a headache. As it turns out, one of them did. We prayed for him twice and he confirmed that his headache was gone. He asked how and we told him that God loved him and wanted to heal his head. We said goodnight and left them to think about what just happened.

Doesn't matter the time, Jesus is awake.

Spreading the Fire!

Last night we ended up at an empty coffee shop. Well, it was almost empty except three of the employees. Knowing that God had sent us there for a reason, we went on inside. As Tenacious B was ordering, I got a word for the man that he was creative and liked to draw. He looked a little surprised and as we explained he started smiling. As it turns out, all the workers there were Christians-- as yet unactivated, but Christians. Another one of the workers came out and I felt like she was a mother so I skipped the "Do you have any kids?" question and went straight to the "How many kids do you have?" Then, I felt like the other worker was poetic and he confirmed that that was true. So, at this point, all three had gotten a word and were really interested. I told them they could do the same thing and I started imparting to them everything I had received. As I was imparting, I felt like the lady had a left ankle problem. She confirmed it, so I then had the other two brothers pray for her healing and she was healed THROUGH THEIR HANDS 100%! I trained them quickly on getting prophetic words and then asked them all to get a prophetic word for me. One man said that I had a good job (right), the other said I was married (right on) and the lady said I had 3 kids (right again.). We then cast the vision for them to prophesy over the customers and bring healing to them as well. They were all really excited and we told them we'd bring some Bibles to them, too, because only one of them had one.

There are now 3 more supernatural soldiers doing the Stuff! These guys went from 0 to 60, from not having seen healing or giving a prophetic word to doing the Stuff in 10 minutes! That's what I call activation!

Striking Out on the Road

Last night we went out to look for people who need a touch of the Lord. Our first stop was a barber shop where NO ONE needed any healing. In fact, one of the men in the shop said that if he had pain, he would go to the hospital not come to barber shop.

From the shop, we went to a shopping center where I had gotten a word about meeting someone in the toys or electronics. I found one guy stocking toys and asked him about his ankle. He looked at me and pointed to another part of the store. He obviously didn't understand English very well and thought I wanted shoes. Anyway, we moved from there to the electronics and I saw a guy with one really red eye. I stopped him and asked him about it. He said that it was from not sleeping. I asked him if he had any pain we could pray for. He said that his back hurt. So, we started praying for him. We prayed several times and by the time we left he said that the pain had left a little. I asked him also if he knew anyone else there who needed some prayer and he said, "Sure, there are lots of people here with pain." He then took us over to the TV section and we were able to pray for two more guys who felt a little healing, but not that much. It was encouraging, but we really wanted to see more breakthrough with this kind of pain.

From the shopping center, we went to a coffee shop that was completely empty. I'll tell about what happened there in the next post.

Take Out. . . the Works of the Devil!

My wife and I stopped in a pizza place yesterday to get some pizza for take out and I got a word for a right hand. I asked the lady there if she had pain in the right hand. She said that she didn't, but the lady coming on the next shift did. Overhearing our conversation, another lady asked if we could pray for her emotional problem. My wife went to her and started praying peace and blessing on her life. As she was praying, I got the word that she was in a waiting period in her life and that that period was soon coming to an end. She confirmed that it was true. I also got a word for her left shoulder and declared to her that the Lord was going to heal it as well. She looked shocked and confirmed that her shoulder hurt as well.

We left with our pizza and the testimony. Praise Jesus!

Bank on Jesus!

My wife and I were in our bank yesterday and the lady that was helping us had to leave her desk to check on something. My wife looked at me and we started talking about what we were going to do if they couldn't help us right then. As we were talking, I got a word of knowledge in my right ear. When the lady came back, my wife asked her if she had pain in her right ear. The lady freaked and said, "Is this a video gag?" We asked her again if she had pain, and she said that she did. "How did you know?" My wife then proceeded to tell her how Jesus told us and that He wanted to heal her right then. We offered to pray for her and she exclaimed that she believed in healing. We prayed for her quickly (there were other customers) and she said that she was too freaked out to tell if the ear was better. She gave us her email address to send some business stuff and when we emailed her later that day, we added some prophetic words for her as well.

You can always bank on Jesus!