June 06, 2008

Photo Lab Guy Gets Saved!

I was in a photo lab the other day getting some pictures of my sons for official business and I got a word for the photographer. I asked him if his left shoulder was in pain. He said it was. I told him that I wanted to pray for him and he said sure. As I was praying for his shoulder, he told me, "I'm diabetic, too." I prayed that Jesus would heal him of both. I then asked him to test his shoulder and he said it felt looser.

There are probably some people who got stumbled by my title to this post and then the story contained therein. "Saved" for many means "from Hell." Pain doesn't "count." Can I suggest that Jesus had relief from pain in mind when He spoke of the Kingdom coming in power, too?

Go and tell John, "The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame walk. . ."

Cold Water Poured Over a Hurting Head...

Yesterday evening, after church, Super Woman and I decided to run around town since we had nothing better to do. Randomly, I thought, "I would really like some Asian food." So we drove across town to a restaurant for some carry-out. After making an order, I noticed that Super Woman was outside and went to find her. I asked her what she was doing and her answer was simple, "Praying."

I decided to start a conversation with the guy behind the counter. We talked for a couple minutes and I found out that he is a Muslim, world-traveling Eritrean, who is married to a Buddhist; and that he owns the restaurant. Wanting to pray for anyone in the restaurant that was sick or in pain, I said, "I want to ask you a strange question. Are you in pain?" With a strange look on his face, he says, "Yeah, I have pain in the back of my head." He explained that normally two times a week since childhood he has had this recurring pain in his head. He said that he was in so much pain that he hoped that no one would come so that he didn't have to come out front!

I asked this Muslim if he would like prayer, which he eagerly accepted. I explained a little about the power of God to heal in Jesus Name, grabbed Wonder Woman, and laid my hands on this man's head. Wonder Woman had her hands on me and God released the Kingdom! After a couple minutes of prayer, I asked him, "Do you feel anything?" With surprise and a lack of words, he said that he felt something on his head. In order to help explain, he opened the cuff of his shirt to show us goosebumps. He then said that he had felt what was like cold-watered poured over his head!

Wonder Woman said that she wanted to pray, so I put my hands back on his head, and she started praying. I looked down at this guy's hands and they were shaking. After she finished, this Eritrean man looks up at us and says, "Why are my hands shaking?" Wonder Woman explained that God's power was running through his body bringing healing; and I told him that it was because God wanted to come near to him. He said that while the pain wasn't completely gone, it was MUCH better! Praise the Lord! I was then able to share with him about God's Love and asked him if he had read the Bible, which he had not. I told him that we would come back with a Book and share with him about the message of Jesus. I also prayed that God would open his eyes and mind to visions and dreams of Jesus. This man was so grateful for our prayers and asked with bewilderment, "How did you know that I had pain?" I told him that I was led to ask him because God loved him. He said that we were welcome anytime and that he was so grateful that we had come. He even gave us the food for free!

Before leaving, Wonder Woman prayed for this man's wife, who was the chef. She had bandages on her fingers from her "cooking duties." While we don't know what God did in her, Wonder Woman was able to give her a big hug and share some of God's awesome love. It is our hope that Jesus will come to this home soon and bring salvation! Lord, glorify Your Name!

June 04, 2008

miracles and Moroccans

The last blog post had us leaving a shop and we next headed over to my good Moroccan friend's house. He is a true seeker but not yet in the Kingdom.

Isaac got a bunch of words of knowledge for different conditions - I got one for a left shin. All the words of knowledge were for someone - my friend, his wife, or her mother.

We prayed first for the mother - she was healed of a couple of conditions - including her leg and right arm (both had been words of knowledge).

The left shin problem was for my friends wife - I prayed from a distance and she was healed.

One of the words that Isaac had had was about someone having problem sleeping - it was for my friend's wife and her mother. We prayed about that.

All in all we got to pray and minister with depth to this entire family - healings occurred, prophetic words were given.

Funny thing - each and every healing was accompanied by the same physical manifestation indicating God's presence - tingling. Even without the laying on of hands - we would pray for a condition and God's presence would immediately be felt.

Follow up - the following day, my friend called and all were still healed and they had all slept "like babies". The Kingdom had come to their household.

we went out and Jesus left His card (kingdom encounters)

Isaac of Ninevah wrote about this night - here's my 2 cents.

We headed downtown to buy some things, and as we walked in the one shop full of Indian muslims, I got a word of knowledge - "Who has a pain in the neck right here"? (I pointed). After some discussion, one of the men said it was him and allowed us to pray. He was healed. We tried to minister a bit more to this group, but they didn't seem interested. Jesus however left His card (the man had been healed). That group of muslims has some serious reflecting to do!

Isaac and I had gotten the same word of knowledge for a left knee problem - that awaited us at our next stop. It was as we entered another shop that we found our left knee - Isaac prayed and he was healed. We now had a platform to ministered a bit deeper into the lives of the two men in the shop. A Kingdom encounter almost always seems to open that door. We prophesied over the other man - he confirmed that the insights the Lord gave us were accurate. When we left, they knew that had been with followers of Jesus. Jesus had left "His card" yet again!

We gave them a way to contact us for more information and ministry.

June 03, 2008

Starbucks Redux!

I went by the Starbucks where I work today and immediately one of the workers came to me complaining of a headache. So, I her put her hand on her head and I prayed for her. She said that it felt better. I asked her about her left foot and she said that she also had pain there. I prayed again for her and she said that it was all better, too! Then, the manager, a lady who got healed a few weeks ago, came up with one of the other workers asking if I could pray for her as well. As it turns out, it was this woman's sister who needed the prayer, so I got her mobile number for my wife to call and encourage her. Before leaving though, another one of the ladies asked if I could just pray a blessing for her and her life, which I was happy to do.

Blessing and honor and praise be to the Lamb Who was slain for our sicknesses-- emotional and physical!

Spilling on the Streets and in the Home!

Last night as the Kingdomizers went out, we saw some really great stuff. I'll let the other guys post their stories, but for me, I got to pray for one guy's knee and he was delivered of the pain. From there, we went to visit a friend.

At this friend's house, I got words about a left, upper leg, a right arm, pain in the lower right side of the abdomen, insomnia, a rash on the back, and pain in the right ear. As it turns out, ALL of them were on among the three people who were there. After we prayed for some time and after some multiple prayers, almost everything was healed 100% (everything except the rash on the back, which we're not sure about).

While we were ministering to this family, I had this quasi-vision of angels coming into their house to bring provision, hope, and strength. I also sensed that one of these angels would bring baskets of dreams for each of them. Now, I don't typically see angels or talk about them and what they do, so this was outside my box even.

There's a new level for His Body today! Step into it!

June 01, 2008

word of knowledge from 6 months ago DOESN'T return void

Over 6 months ago, I was in a computer shop and gave a word of knowledge. I don't remember giving the word, nor how I got the word, but two days ago a man calls me telling me that I had asked him (and his co-workers) if someone had a problem speaking. He took my card but no one at the time had the problem I described.

Since I don't remember the encounter, I don't remember what I thought at the time but I probably thought I "missed it" with the word of knowledge. It happens and I try not to let that slow me down or discourage me.

However, this muslim man went back to his home in India to discover that his 2 year old son is having serious problems beginning to speak. When he returned from India, he just "happen to find my card" and REMEMBERED the word I had spoken about someone having a speaking problem.

He called me immediately to see what we could do. Long story short, arrangements are being made for someone to visit his family in India to release healing for this little boy.

Somewhere it is written that God's Word never returns void - oh yes, the Bible! Words of knowledge that are truly from God would surely be included.

A night with 22 healings!

Ravished already covered the evening in the last post - I just wanted to throw in a few of my own thoughts.

First of all, that was an INCREDIBLE night! To be able to lay hands on so many people (some in very public places) and see them healed (including muslims & hindus) is just a good night. For them to hear about the Jesus who healed them, was obviously the absolute highlight of the night.

Another thing about that night is that I DIDN'T feel like even going out. I DIDN'T feel particularly spiritual or 'anointed' BUT God.... - the key phrase here is, "BUT God". When the equation includes HIM, the other factors are not that important. God showed up and did what He always does - He healed the sick, He released His presence and He showed a bunch on non-Christians that He is LOVE IN DEMONSTRATION. Too many Christians use the words "God loves you", but don't demonstrate it for them. It remains a concept until it is demonstrated. I just found myself at the end of the evening so in awe of a God who used 'little ole me' in spite of my less than desirable attitude.

Something else about that night was the fact that two guys joined us who have NEVER gone out with us before. So much for needing 'experience'! Eastern Princess' son was with us and another precious brother who is hungry to see more of God's Kingdom released. First night out and you see 22 miracles of healing - where do you go from there? Up of course!!

Just to sum it up - 4 guys head out at night in a muslim country to destroy the works of the devil. We demonstrate God's Kingdom 1st and then we talk about it when we have the credibility to do so. 22 muslims and hindus ultimately get touched in Jesus' Name. Did all 22 get healed? We are going on what they said, but maybe not - let's say that it was only 15. Between 15 and 22 miracles in a few hours? Sounds like a Kingdom night to me. Can't wait till this week!!!