November 20, 2006

"Can you help me with my demons?"

Tonight, DJ, the Sojourner, and I gathered for prayer. Now this isn't the normal kind of prayer where people come together to squeeze their eyes shut and try not to go to sleep. No, our prayer tonight was: show us where to go and what needs to be healed there. While praying, we ask the Lord for words of knowledge, images, names, prophetic words, and whatever else He wants to give us. I must admit that this is one of the high points of the week for me because I have a group of people who willingly come together in order to pray that the Kingdom will come and actually believe their prayers are heard.

So, while praying, I listed the words of knowledge, images, and other spontaneous thoughts, e.g., left ear, left leg, left shoulder, old man in a red checkered head scarf, etc. I also received the name of a restaurant. My friends, kind as they are, were willing to go along with this word, so off we went.

When we got to the restaurant we didn't go in immediately, but went around the area and looked at some of the surrounding stores. As we were walking towards one, I felt a warmth in my right arm. At the time, I believed it to be a word of knowledge for healing, but upon reflection, I think it was a healing anointing coming. Anyway, as we left one store, I felt a pain in my head similar to a headache that came and went rather quickly. I cataloged it as a possible word and then we proceeded to the restaurant.

In the restaurant, we sat down ordered some tea and a couple of dishes and continued the conversation with the general manager. He had already told DJ that he reminded him of someone else he knew back in his own country-- something similar to a prophetic word. He seemed friendly enough, so we invited him to sit with us.

As we were talking, I gave some of the words that I had gotten back at the house or just since I had entered the establishment. He confirmed that he had an ear problem and a foot condition and that the ear problem caused him headaches. DJ sent him over to my side of the table for me to pray for him. Thus, all three of us joined in prayer over this man.

Soon after we prayed, he began giving testimony of how he felt electricity coursing from his toes up to his stomach. N.B. This man has never been to a pentecostal meeting and doesn't know that this is what sometimes happens when the Holy Spirit touches you. We had him stand up and move and around and he said that he felt a lot better and felt peace. We, DJ specifically, then continued to pray for his knee-- which he said felt hot and tingly after the prayer, In short, dude got an overhaul and then I gave him a prophetic word concerning his heart. Now, during this whole time there was someone watching.

A young man from a different country stood nearby observing the whole scene. Soon after the manager guy went back to work, I struck up a conversation with him. I told him I had visited his home country and some other small talk and then he leaned in close and asked me, "Can you help me with my demons?" Now, previously in my life this question would have thrown me for a big loop, but thanks to the grace of God and an awesome community, we had the resources to offer this guy freedom. He'll be meeting with a friend of ours from the same culture later for ministry. As we left, we blessed them all and I told him, "Freedom is possible." He answered, "God willing."

Lastly, we made it to the place we just wanted to check out and see what was happening. We wandered around for a few minutes and talked to a few people. On our way back to the car, we came around a corner and much to my surprise there was an old man in a red-checkered head scarf. We prayed for his left shoulder and DJ got the word it would be healed by tomorrow. We then called it a night and went home.

"Can you help me with my demons?" Jesus came to set the captives free. Are people still held captive by the devil? If we're not helping the Lord set them free, what are we doing? If we're not offering freedom, real freedom, what kind of gospel are we preaching?