August 15, 2016

the "evolution" of this blog

I spent many hours yesterday talking with a friend about pursuing God’s Kingdom and how we live it out.  We talked about so many things – I met this friend about the time we started this blog.  We spoke about our journeys, the things we have learned and are learning.  He had just started his own blog with his wife.  I was reflecting on this environment of social media and the way messages get spread.  The way people seek to “promote” things and the time/energy that is spent in getting articles, blogs, podcasts to the widest possible audiences.  When we started the “Joel 2 Generation” blog is was simply a place that our community could share testimonies about what God was doing in our midst and through our lives.  It has been a place where we were “keeping a record” of the supernatural manifestations of Christ’s Kingdom – healings, words of knowledge, dreams & visions, etc.

The funny, ironic thing about this blog is that in the past few years, we are seeing more miracles than we ever saw in the beginning.  More healings, more encounters, more Kingdom.  And yet, we seem to blog less and less.  Not sure why.  Was it the initial excitement about a new way of living as Christians?  For years, we saw so few miraculous things happen and yet when supernatural things began to happen, we couldn’t help ourselves – we HAD TO write about it.

I just thought that after considering the issue of blogging with my buddy and the lifecycle of the Joel 2 Generation blog, I thought I’d blog about it.