January 23, 2007

I'll Take Some of That

While DJ and I were bringing the Kingdom to a Muslim guy at a food court, out of nowhere comes this Ethiopian lady who says, "Will you pray for me, too?" She also confided that she wasn't even on break, but when she saw us she knew that she had to come over, but didn't really know why. So, she came to us seeking a miracle for her headaches. I prayed for her and put her in touch with an Ethiopian pastor with a heart for miracles. DJ saw the Glory on her face and when I asked her name she said, "Bethlehem."

The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.

Healing in Hostile Territory

While visiting the frozen north over the holidays I was expectant, waiting for the Lord's direction. I was on my own but knew that He can speak any time and any place. My senses were alert. Nothing. For weeks I heard nothing from him and no opportunities to release His kingdom came my way, until ...

I was visiting a friend, who I know is very skeptical about the gifts of the Spirit and the power of God in these days. I had spoken to her quite a bit in the past about signs and wonders, about the power of God and I knew she was done on the subject. At this meeting she was complaining about her back, how she had hurt it a couple of weeks previously and that it was getting worse. Hmm. What to do? She got up from the table to do something and my hand just shot out, with no premeditation on my part, to lay on her back. She stopped cold. I prayed for the Kingdom to come and heal her back, in the name of Jesus! I did it in a whisper - very brave on my part! :) Then we all carried on as if nothing had happened. Very funny.

The next day she came up to me and said in passing, 'my back is perfectly fine today'! Praise God! About three weeks later I get an email, 'by the way, my back is still doing well'! I believe she is thinking a little differently today about the power of God. I am so grateful that the Lord took control that day and performed a miracle in face of skepticism!

Prophetic Humility and a breakthrough (of sorts)

Tonight while out, it seemed like we missed almost every prophetic word we tried to give. After the Syrian Muslim man was so powerfully touched in the morning, and the way the Lord led an Ethiopian woman to us asking for prayer (Isaac will blog about it), I figured we would have an incredible night of prophecy and healing.

Basically, we took a lot of risks and seemed to get just about everything wrong. Even when we finally would get something right, we had missed so many other words leading up to one that was right, that our credibility wasn't great.

One of our last stops was a restaurant, where we began trying to minister to our waiter. He was gracious, but basically we were all enrolled in the class entitled, "Prophetic Humility" wherein one seems to miss just about every word they give and through the process of humiliation hopefully learn some humility. I'm not joking, we were not doing very well.

This man, a Syrian Druze, ended up asking us if we could tell him his name - he gave us the first letter. Isaac and Tenacious B took a few stabs at it and eventually gave up. We had also tried to give him some other prophetic words and words of knowledge - almost all of which were off and wrong.

When we were leaving, I felt like I just might have been given him name. I said, "we'll see you again Mahir". He stopped and said, "that's my name". I thought he was kidding. I thought after all the missed words that he was just being funny. He pulls out his ID card and sure enough, his name was "Mahir". I walked downstairs and he pulls Isaac aside and said, "How did he know my name"?

I was extremely encouraged - especially since my attempts at getting someone's name by revelation have never been successful.

If at first you don't succeed, try try again.

(PART II) Syrian Muslim man HEALED & more

This morning, Isaac of Ninevah and myself met with our new Syrian friend who came wanting his right ear to be healed. After sharing some of the principles of God's Kingdom and healing, we began to pray for him. During the prayer time, the Holy Spirit came powerfully upon him. I asked him what was happening, and it was hard for him to express in words what was going on. His entire body was filled with electricity - the power he felt coursing through his legs was so powerful, that he had trouble walking. This experience lasted for over two hours. I spoke to his boss at work later in the day, and he testified how our friend was unable to stand under his own strength.

He was then able to go home and get some sleep - during which he slept without nightmares for the first time since he could remember. This was as amazing to him as the encounter he had had with the Holy Spirit.

During our prayer time in the morning, I received yet another word of knowledge for his right ear. I knew God had healed it. When I asked him tonight about his ear, he testified to it being completely healed.

All of these things, opened a door for me to share the about God's Kingdom and His miraculous works with a number of the staff at this man's restaurant.

Just another normal day in the Kingdom!