August 23, 2011

healings in a mall

a group of about 15 of us decided to just love people in Jesus' Name for about 2 hours yesterday afternoon. I had some teenagers who had "never seen" God use them to perform a miracle - that all changed!

we saw a girl's sprained ankle healed, a lower back healed, a woman's foot healed a several other healings. Many others got prayer for other needs. Jesus' Name was lifted up as everything was done in His precious Name!

The coolest thing for me was to hear one of the junior high girls who said she wanted to see "one miracle" that she was involved in. Guess what? she saw 4 of them!

healings in the youth group

yesterday we saw a number of physical healings - a head, a couple of backs, vertigo/balance, legs and arms that weren't the same length come into Kingdom alignment and some other things too. We had so much fun that about 15 of the youth decided to join me for a "power spilling" afternoon at the mall. youth hungry to see God move miraculously. what happened is for the next post.

August 21, 2011

miracles in the mountains - part 4

at the end of our evening, we were walking by some more shops and one really caught the attention of one of our group. she felt led to really pray for this rather "dark" shop with lots of occult stuff inside (it was closed). she sensed some demonic presence. as we prayed for the shop, we asked God to release His light into the darkness. as we closed, our friend discerned that an angel had come. why do I share this? wait till you hear what happens next.

we turn the corner and there are two women and man loading up a car. I got a word of knowledge for a right wrist condition. I approached them and asked and one of the woman had the problem. i asked if her friend could put her hand on her as I prayed, but she wouldn't let anybody touch her! she was adamant. I asked if she would lay hands on herself - she agreed. we prayed and something began to happen in her wrist. then she left with her husband but the other woman remained.

who was this woman? she was the OWNER of the shop we had prayed in front of just 10 minutes earlier! I immediately got a word for her and said, "I just get the words, 'country music'" - she then tells us that she is from Texas. my friend began to prophesy over her about her creativity and artwork - it was all true. we also got a word of knowledge about her neck - which was hurting her and she let us pray. this woman was very, very open but obviously was open to lots of stuff that wasn't from Christ and His Kingdom. In many ways, she may have been one of the most open and receptive new age people I had ever met. we spoke to her for probably 1/2 hour about many different things. she really like angels (as many new agers do) and we told her about our time in front of her shop! we told her many things about the Kingdom of God. one of our group spoke clearly with her about Christ's death and the cross. I spoke with her about deliverance from "dark spirits" and the need to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God. She really was having a major encounter with God throughout all of this. we got to pray for her at length and God really touched her.

clearly she needs now to go through some serious deliverance and invite Christ ALONE to come and live within her. However, our time with her was a powerful foretaste of what she is going to experience in Christ. We prophesied her destiny - she loved that God wanted to give her a gift of healing! she was so sincere and so hungry. and sadly, we don't think she'd ever met Christians in her life who ministered to her supernaturally. she was "convinced" as soon as we approached her and her friend with the initial word of knowledge. she knew we carried something that she needed and was open to receive all we had to offer her. our friends are going to be following up with her in the next few days. we are thrilled with what God is going to do next!

I just trust that this short testimony will provoke anybody reading this to re-consider any of their friends and relatives who are involved in new age spirituality - approach them with love, with revelation and with healing - see what happens when you do.

all in all that final encounter was just an amazing end to such a glorious day in the Kingdom.

miracles in the mountains - part 3

at night we headed out again to see what the Lord would do as we reached out with His Kingdom. we went to an arcade to drop our kids off before we launched out thinking we we going to visit some bars to pray for people. while at the arcade the Lord gives me a word for a young woman who happens to have been in the youth group my friends had led. it was for a problem in the head and I felt that there was dizziness involved. she had this problem and actually a number of other health issues that we got to pray for. It was just a powerful divine appointment to minister Christ to this young woman and reconnect her with our friends.

a few of us then headed out and as we approached a bar, I got a word of knowledge for a problem in the lower right arm (below the elbow). there was a man and woman standing outside the bar and I approached them and asked. the man actually had the condition. he asked me "are you a healer?". I told him I was. He then say asked, "and you sense things?". I told him I did. Knowing he was most likely a new age guy, I told him that I had been involved in "Divine Healing" for a long time. He then said he had lots of pain but didn't want prayer. Kind of strange. We moved on.

after approaching a couple of more people and even ministering a Christian man out witnessing and handing out tracts, we headed into a fast food restaurant. I thought I had a word of knowledge and my friend approached this young couple and asked them. The first word wasn't right, but while talking to them the Lord gave me another word for the woman's knee. She had a problem. We shared a couple of testimonies of knees being healed and she let us pray. I had her put her own hand on her leg while we prayed. She actually was really touched as she held back tears. She had been involved in Church and we knew that she was away from the Lord. God sent us into that restaurant to remind her of his love and concern for her personally (a specific word o knowledge from total strangers!).

We also met with the manager and asked him to check with all of his employees to see if anyone needed prayer. Nobody took us up on our offer.

miracles in the mountains - part 2

in the second leg of our outreach, we decided to go to a marina where there was wake boarding - why not mix miracle and fun sports activities?? as we were signing our kids up, I asked if anybody had an pain and that we would "take it away for free". The man who signed us up had back pain. He let me pray for him in Jesus' Name and after praying two times his pain was gone!

another guy working there also had back pain and let me pray for him too - he too was healed!

my friend was also able to really share Christ with a third guy who worked there and explained what we were doing as we prayed for the sick and saw Jesus heal them.

miracles in the mountains - part 1

yesterday we headed up to join some of our friends to "spill" up in a mountain city. we headed out in two groups to simply love the people we would meet and see what God would do.

as we started out I was drawn into a tattoo shop (light just loves to shine into darkness!). I started talking with the owner(?) about Celtic crosses and told him how Egyptian Christians would often tattoo the cross on their children's wrists so that the muslims couldn't take their children and claim their were theirs! I thought I got of knowledge (for neck/shoulder) for the man but he took a phone call and I couldn't ask him.

I asked another guy who was actually a former employee of our friends who were with us and he didn't have a neck problem but did have a back of the knee problem. I told him I was a pastor and we talked a little about the Kingdom and I said, "watch this". I asked him to put his own hand on the back of his knee and prayed a quick prayer in Jesus' Name. I asked him to take his hand away and his first words were "wow"! That's always good. He was healed. Very exciting that our friends will get to follow up with this man.

Next we walked into another store where I got another word of knowledge for neck and upper back for the owner of the shop. He had chronic neck and pain and actually had to retire from his career because of this. He let me pray for him and the Holy Spirit came - I could feel something happening in his back. We don't always feel that as the people praying, but it is so fun when we do! Anyway, after prayer he began to test it out and could do stuff that he couldn't do before without pain. He let me pray one more time as there was still some pain/stiffness. After praying again he said things were really good. He was still feeling tingling in his back and I told him that when that subsided the healing would be complete. Again our friends can follow up with this man in their small town!