September 09, 2011

just a few "thoughts" from Luke 10

Jesus sends out the "nameless and faceless" Seventy in Luke 10 and there is just so much relevant "glory" on this passage for us to consider today and to live by.  As I've argued in other places, the excuse that some theologians and Bible commentators have given that the commandments given to the Apostles don't apply to ordinary believers (then or today) has been handled by Luke in this passage.

I don't want to be too critical, but the reality is that Matthew 28 actually destroys the "those commandments were only for the Apostles" argument because Jesus Himself commands the 12 Apostles to teach others (which includes us today) to obey ALL of what he commanded them!  Not SOME of what He commanded, but ALL - which would include chapter 10:8 - "heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, cast out demons and raise the dead".

However, the Luke 10 passage comes in as a strong counter-punch.  Surely the Holy Spirit anticipated that believers in subsequent ages and generations would fall into the kind of unbelief we see today when it comes to the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit and knew that Bible teachers/commentators would come up with incredible theories (i.e. the miraculous gifts "ceased" with the death of the Apostles) to explain away their own lack of power and so we get this beautiful passage to wage war yet again on our unbelief.

He sends them and tells them, "whatever city you enter...heal in it those who are sick".  Somebody might want further clarification.  "Lord what city or cities are you talking about?".  His reply, "WHATEVER city".  And more importantly, the believer might inquire, "So Lord, exactly who are we supposed to pray for?  Those who you give us a word of knowledge for?".  Jesus continues, "No, not at all.  I'll give you words of knowledge to be sure, but actually I just want you to heal THOSE WHO ARE SICK".

Wow - whatever city and those who are sick!  Could Jesus have been any clearer?  Could the Church through the ages have missed somebody's intention any more than we have?  For years, I had absolutely no idea that this passage even existed.  Sure, I'd read it dozens of times.  I loved the Bible - in fact, I could have been accurately described as what Jack Deere would call a "Biblidolator" - someone who had elevated the Bible and the study of it to an idolatrous level.  We don't worship a book, we worship God who's revealed Himself through His Word.

Let us purpose in our hearts to actually go back to the teachings of Jesus - including Luke 10 and do whatever it takes to "obey" His commandment to "heal those who are sick" whenever we "enter whatever city".  Seems simple doesn't it?  Probably our one problem is UNBELIEF.  He'll help us with that too - "Lord I believe, help my unbelief" (what has become arguably my favorite and most relevant daily prayer from the entire Bible).

hearing stories from the summer

as a group of us scattered all over the world during the summer and are regathering back into the Middle East, I am beginning to hear stories/testimonies that are blowing my mind.  it seems that this outrageous Kingdom just can't be contained.

stories out of London where God's glory would manifest with gold on people through one of our Lebanese sisters EVERY TIME she prayed for someone.  I often don't understand why God does what He does and the gold dust phenomenon often seems to offend Christians (who seem to have God all figured out/what He will do and will not do) but if the Lord sovereignly chooses to cover people supernaturally in gold dust when a believer prays for people in Jesus' Name is free to do so as far as I am concerned.  if this offends someone you know, ask if you can pray for them and see what the Father will do!!

stories out of South Africa were equally as remarkable - healings, people coming back to Christ repenting as they listened to the testimonies of one of our S. African sisters.  At times, people were being hit by the power of the Holy Spirit and it would last for hours!  weeping, laughing and receiving prophetic revelation.  this sister also would get some of the most accurate words of knowledge (1 Cor. 12:8) for people and saw a number healed.  I would say she carries something that is producing Godly hunger in others and then ultimately repentance.

this is just a "taste" of what I heard from just a couple of pilgrims in our community.  can't wait to gather and see what else God has been doing.

"armed and dangerous" - offering the Kingdom wherever we go

last night Desert Princess and I were out to dinner and as has become our habit she asked our server if she had pain in her arm (she had gotten a word of knowledge).  sure enough there was an arm issue and my wife asked if she could ask Jesus to heal her.  she agreed.  what happened next was yet again OUT OF CONTROL.  just a quick prayer and this Indian woman declares "I go to see Jesus now!".  she had some kind of powerful encounter right then and there.  the language barrier was an issue but clearly this woman couldn't put into words what the Lord had just done for her.

Desert Princess encouraged her to go to Church.

I just trust this short testimony will help you realize that you are "armed and dangerous" and can offer and release the Kingdom of God wherever you are!

September 05, 2011

God HATES cancer

sometimes we need to be reminded of some simple truths.  One of those truths is that "cancer" is not (has never been nor ever will be) a part of God's Kingdom.  It is NEVER His "plan".  He isn't "allowing it" for some purpose.

cancer is a demonic destroyer - and Jesus came to confront it, to heal it and to one day totally destroy it.  it tortures people whom God loves and creates fear in the hearts of God's people.

Perfect Love (another great Name for God) CASTS out fear!

may Christ's Church rise up in its Kingdom authority to see this despicable plague confronted and healed. Jesus NEVER faced a cancer patient He couldn't and didn't heal.  May we BE LIKE HIM.