February 17, 2017

when people are STILL healed months later

This week has been encouraging because I have heard back from 4 different individuals who were healed when we prayed for them who are all still healed!  One of them confirmed her healing as when we prayed, she couldn't tell but has now confirmed that the issue the Lord revealed to me via word of knowledge has never come back.  Also her muslim friend is still healed.  I can't imagine the conversations that his healed neck has opened up.  I heard from two others – one who had come to see me to tell me and another via social media.

In the moment, people will often tell you they are better when we pray.  Whether there is some psychosomatic effect, I believe that sometimes people feel better even when they haven't actually been healed.  The fact is though when someone is genuinely healed by the Lord, when God has worked, they will still be healed – a week later, a month later, a year later.  I am so encouraged when I get to hear back because so often we never know.  Somehow this week the Lord wanted to encourage me with some feedback.  I was/am encouraged.

February 13, 2017

visitor's left ankle healed after word of knowledge during worship

I am not sure yet of all the ways that the Lord ministered to a Lebanese visitor we had to our meeting this past week, but many prophetic words were given to him that he said were meaningful and accurate (one I gave didn't seem to make any sense, but oh well!).  At the end of our meeting as we were worshipping, I got a strong word of knowledge for a left ankle problem.  I didn't feel led to ask who it was and to pray for it, but rather I just declared that "whoever has the left ankle injury, it will be healed during this song of worship".  Sure enough, I found out that it was for our Lebanese visitor and it happened just that way.  Nobody prayed for his ankle and the Lord completely healed it.  He told me this after the fact.

We were all encouraged as our visitor wants to become a regular!

words of knowledge as we talked about words of knowledge

Funny how this happens.  A few of us met to discuss a book we are reading about words of knowledge (1 Cor. 12:8).  After some coffee, I went out to find a bathroom and on my way back, I noticed a table of Arab women and one man.  I got a distinct word of knowledge for a stomach issue.  I went up and asked.  Two of the people said no, but one of the women said it was her.  It wasn't bothering her at that exact time, but the Lord gave me another prophetic insight as to how often it happens (2-3 times a week) and she said yes.  So instead of praying right then (not sure why I didn't offer), I asked her to come to our table before she left.  As I was saying that, I got a word of knowledge for the woman sitting next to her – for her neck and shoulder on the left side.  She had this problem and so I prayed for her quickly and the pain left.  Why I didn't then pray for the 1st woman, I don't know but I left and went back to my table inside.  As we were talking more about words of knowledge inside, a woman had come to the pick up her coffee and I got another word of knowledge about the back of neck (in the middle).  I went up to ask the woman and it was the woman from outside that had the stomach problem (not sure why I didn't recognize her).  She was actually from a Christian background (Lebanese) and I got the impression she wasn't following the Lord.  So she said that the neck problem was for her muslim friend outside named Muhammed.  So he came in and prayed for his neck and something "clicked" during the prayer and it was healed.  Then I prayed finally for the woman's stomach issue – I told her it was never coming back.  I gave them my contact details and was so encouraged  to see the way God wanted to draw a Christian back to Himself and demonstrate His love and power to a muslim man.  I am not sure about the 2nd woman who was with them.  It was a powerful divine appointment.

Before we left the place, the Lord also gave another word of knowledge about "anxiety" for one of the men working in the coffee house – it was a word for him and then while giving it, the Lord revealed a physical problem that was causing the anxiety in his father's life.  We got to pray for him as well.  

So – talk about words of knowledge and I'll bet you get words of knowledge.  Just seems like the kind of thing our Heavenly Father wants to do.

muslim man's shoulder dramatically healed

While I was leaving my work, I noticed a man with a makeshift arm sling on his right arm.  I asked him what had happened.  He told me that he hurt it playing volleyball.  I offered to pray for him and asked him to put his hand on the area that hurt.  I honestly thought it must have been a minor thing.  I prayed in the Name of Jesus, broke off the shock and trauma and then  asked him to test it out.  He couldn't lift it at all!  So much pain.  It was obviously much worse than I had initially thought.  He was wincing in pain as he kept trying to lift it.  I said, "I think you tore something pretty badly in your shoulder".  A woman who had been talking to him left and I offered to pray again.  I'm going to be honest – after NOTHING had happened at all after praying once, my faith level wasn't too great.  So, I did what I train people to do – pray again!  I prayed again and to be honest, was a bit more fervent and focused and really commanded the pain to leave.  After prayer #2, when he began to test it out, I could see a marked difference!  Had I not seen how bad it was after the 1st prayer, I wouldn't have known how much the Lord had done after the 2nd time.  He could now move it – up and down maybe 8-10 inches and without any of the pain.  So I offered to pray one more time and he was in complete agreement, encouraged by what had happened.  After praying the 3rd time, it was remarkable.  I personally was shocked (this never gets old!!).  He could move it everywhere – above his head and back and forth.  He was in total amazement and just kept expressing his disbelief and kept asking "what is happening?".  So I told him that God loved him and healed his shoulder.  I was extremely clear about Jesus in the prayers and this muslim man walked away powerfully touched by God's healing power.  I look forward to connecting with this man again soon.  I know he will have many more questions – they always do!!