December 05, 2009

when God shows up

last night as a group of us gathered and watched "The Finger of God" ( for about 40 minutes it was clear early on that God was going to do some incredible things. the last guests left the house at 2AM (with a 6:30PM start!)

prophetic gifts were flowing - words of knowledge, words of destiny
people were getting set free - some powerful freedom from demonic torment
healings - haven't even gotten heard all the testimonies yet
God's manifested presence - people were having incredible encounters with the Holy Spirit

my only real concern now is "what are the neighbors going to think"?

December 02, 2009

it is a joy to know that we belong to a team of people who are into serious business of seeing God's kingdom come onto earth in our daily lives thru healing's when we pray for people with issues and deformations. A few days ago a friend asked me if i could pray for her left ear which was deaf. I agreed half way thru the pray I stopped and asked her if she felt anything unusual in her ears. she said that someone (I knew that it was that Holy Spirit) was putting a finger in (both!!!) her ears and stirring them. When we completed our prayers her husband entered the house she asked her husband to WHISPER a few words across the room. She guessed right (i dint hear a thing!!!!! come to think of it God gets me to pray for her she gets healed and her ears get better than mine)

Later on in the evening a guy named moosa a pakistani muslim who has been meeting with us for prayers.... and God has been healing him from frozen shoulder, pain in the wrist, palm, stomach, knee, ankle and toes ( somehow all his pain was in the right side of his body) and yeah both his eyes weak eyesight ... i say God has been healing him because everyday he leaves us completely healed and he comes back the next day saying a slight pain has returned in a place or 2 and no sooner do we start praying he claims total healing makes me want to guss that he likes us talking to him about Jesus and so he makes excuses to hang around with us....

activating the formerly blind man's granddaughters

last night I went to visit the man whose blind eye opened. he had had a stroke when I met him in the hospital and had limited movement. what I saw last night was a totally transformed man - walking around. I was told he had about 90% recovered from all the effects of the stroke after prayer. I prayed again for his eye because there was still some weakness in his vision beyond about 6 feet. Not only did I pray, but I had his granddaughters get involved (training and equipping!). by the time we left, the Lord had given him considerable improvement. I left the girls with an "assignment" - after showing them what the Scriptures teach (i.e. "the blind shall see") they were to ensure that their grandfather was experiencing everything God had for him.

the Lord began to speak yet again while we were there - words of knowledge about an ear condition, a knee condition, a stomach condition - Jesus touched each of these conditions in 3 different people in the house.

we also go to pray for a skin disease, a man's hand, a girl struggling in her studies, a man's calf - and there were other things that I can't remember.

The bottom line is that when the Lord begins to move, it seems that He moves numerous things!! It is just so amazing that He partners with us in these Kingdom works.

November 29, 2009

presence focused

believers focus on many different things - some of 'purpose driven' (as popularized by the book of the same title), some focus on a 'structure' (this has been a huge emphasis in the modern day 'Apostolic' movement, and still others are relationally focused (churches/movements based around 'small groups').

purpose is important, structure is important (however, God blesses many different structures, much to the surprise of those who believe they have God's 'ordained' structure:) and relationships are important.

however, having all of those elements in place and NOT having His Presence would mean nothing! I believe that the priority of Scripture was that the Presence of God was there - and the other things were all secondary. Moses seemed to get this when he uttered, "UNLESS YOU GO WITH US". He wanted God's Presence and nothing else mattered.

Nothing wrong with being "seeker sensitive", but if we are not first and foremost "sensitive to His presence", what are we exposing the seekers to? I've spent much of my life around "seeker sensitive" Church models - and sadly, the desire for the "presence of the unsaved" seems to often become more important than the "Presence of the one who can save them"!

whatever we are doing - however we are gathering, whoever we are leading, no matter what 'methods' we are using - let us be sure that we are pursuing the Presence of God first and foremost.