December 02, 2009

it is a joy to know that we belong to a team of people who are into serious business of seeing God's kingdom come onto earth in our daily lives thru healing's when we pray for people with issues and deformations. A few days ago a friend asked me if i could pray for her left ear which was deaf. I agreed half way thru the pray I stopped and asked her if she felt anything unusual in her ears. she said that someone (I knew that it was that Holy Spirit) was putting a finger in (both!!!) her ears and stirring them. When we completed our prayers her husband entered the house she asked her husband to WHISPER a few words across the room. She guessed right (i dint hear a thing!!!!! come to think of it God gets me to pray for her she gets healed and her ears get better than mine)

Later on in the evening a guy named moosa a pakistani muslim who has been meeting with us for prayers.... and God has been healing him from frozen shoulder, pain in the wrist, palm, stomach, knee, ankle and toes ( somehow all his pain was in the right side of his body) and yeah both his eyes weak eyesight ... i say God has been healing him because everyday he leaves us completely healed and he comes back the next day saying a slight pain has returned in a place or 2 and no sooner do we start praying he claims total healing makes me want to guss that he likes us talking to him about Jesus and so he makes excuses to hang around with us....

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  1. so glad to see you posting!!! I know there are so many more stories that are coming. You ARE a revivalist!!! Can't wait to hear more when we meet.