January 19, 2008

moroccan muslim friend discovers the Kingdom of God is "at hand"

Last night during a prayer meeting, some of our Moroccan muslim friends (husband & wife) came for prayer and prophetic ministry - don't you think all our prayer meetings should be open to muslims and others not yet in the Kingdom? Over the past couple of years, some of the most powerful encounters with God that people have had with us are muslim 'seekers' who have come to encounter God, receive a healing, etc.

(back to last night) - As the Spirit of the Lord began to rest on the husband, he began to have an encounter with God (which he has had before). The "weighty" presence of God was on him, as if he were 'wearing something'. I just kept releasing the "peace of God" and it just kept coming in waves over him. Several began to prophesy over the couple too.

He asked if he could get prayer for pain in the back of his neck and head - after sharing the testimonies of the two people who were healed of their migraines that very morning, we prayed and the Lord healed him completely!

After this, something unusual started to happen as I held his hands, I noticed that his right hand was unusually warm. As I let go and began to move my hand away, the heat coming off that hand was distinct. Several others, including his wife, all felt it. I just blessed what God was doing, but that 'sign' of God's presence definitely got his attention.

Oh yeh, didn't someone say "The Kingdom of God is AT HAND"????

January 18, 2008

numerous healings - reports still coming in

Today in a morning Church service after a powerful message about God's Kingdom breaking in under open heavens, our guest minister began to move in the prophetic and released numerous words of knowledge for healing. A group of us began to minister healing to those who had responded to the words of knowledge.

As I commented, the reports are still coming in, but personally I saw everyone who asked me for healing get healed. (note: after writing this, I remembered that someone with diabetes asked for prayer and of course I have no idea if they were healed without them doing a test). I was thorough in my interviewing both before and after I prayed. Sometimes I needed to pray twice before we saw the breakthrough - but God's power to heal was present in manifestation and "Jesus healed them all"

Here were the conditions I saw healed this morning -

Migraine headaches - 2 people
Knees - 2 people
Pain in chest - 1 person
Pain in wrist/hand - 1 person (after I had called out a word of knowledge)
No feeling in fingers - 1 person (after I had called out a word of knowledge)

I just can't wait to hear more of what God did as the ministry team shares their stories and as other testimonies begin to pour in.

God never ceases to amaze!

January 15, 2008

God Heals in a Restaurant!

In a restaurant last night, Ravished and I had the opportunity to pray for a waiter who we could tell from a visual word of knowledge had a shoulder problem. After we prayed about 5 times, we finally got it to 100%. Shooba. After he felt the healing power, I told him that if there were any other people in the back who needed healing to bring them out. A few minutes later, he came out with another guy.

While DJ ran interference, we went to another room and prayed for the new guy's knee. After about 4 or 5 tries, he said it was good. (It wasn't 100%, but "good," he said.) We then went after his asthma. After we prayed 3 times, he said that it felt a little better. I told him that it might take some time for it to be complete. He thanked us profusely.

Don't quit.

Muslim Wants Gift of Healing for Brother!

Last night we (DJ, Ravished, and I) met with a man who wanted us to give him a healing gift so he could heal his brother with a heart problem. We met with him at a cafe and while we were talking, I gave him a word about being a very focused person which turned out to be on. I gave a few other words that weren't that meaningful. I then started to declare that God was going to assign an angel to accompany him to his brother's bed. I also declared that he would see flashing lights to indicate the angel's presence. Both Ravished and I sensed the angel standing next to us waiting for this assignment. We then prayed and DJ laid hands on him to receive a gift of healing for his brother's new heart.

(to be continued. . . )

'email' word of knowledge (part 2)

After I emailed the prayer (after the word of knowledge), I received an email that a significant amount of healing took place (i.e. the neck was 'much better'), however in the Kingdom there is 'much better' and then there is 'completely gone' - our goal, our mandate is the latter!

This morning I followed up the email with a phone call because I knew that more healing was needed. Again, I asked if my sister could lay her hands on the affected/painful area (which was now her shoulder) and we prayed.

Does 9000 miles of separation affect the effectiveness of Kingdom prayer? Not today it did't! The Lord stretched forth HIS HAND and took away the pain.

The ways in which God is working and will be working in the future should boggle our minds. Who knows what is possible? May we truly attend our ears to hear His voice and simply obey what He then says!

January 13, 2008

waitress healed after word of knowledge

I LOVE the team effort. This afternoon while sitting with my family in a cafe, I got a word of knowledge that I thought was for our waitress. I asked her if she had a problem in her shoulder (which is what the Lord has spoken to me about) and she said, "No, but one of the other employees has a shoulder problem". She went off to get her friend and brought her to us.

We explained to her that Jesus had spoken and wanted to heal her. She was from a pretty strong Catholic family and believed in healing. At this point, my wife Desert Princess got to take over. She lay hands on her shoulder and prayed for the healing.

After the prayer she said she was 70% better. We asked if she could pray again, this time the 'whole team' got involved as our children lay hands on their mother as Desert Princess lay her hand again on the woman's shoulder.

This time a major release of God's power came - which both my wife and the waitress felt.

You know the rest of the story - she was completely healed and began to tell the others working there what Jesus had just done for her.

Doing what Jesus did is SO MUCH FUN!!!

'email' word of knowledge

While entering a person's email address into my address book, the Lord gave me a very distinct word for a neck problem on the left side of my neck. Immediately, I had the thought that it must be for this very person (who is thousands of miles away in another part of the world). As I considered the word further, I thought it was either for this person or for his wife.

I next wrote him an email to inquire.

A few days later, his wife wrote back (after he had forwarded her the email) and she in fact had the very condition that the Lord had shown me through the word of knowledge.

Since I've never done this before, I just wrote out the prayer I would pray if she was with me in an email, instructed her to lay her hands on the affected area and agree with my 'email healing prayer'. I also explained that if she began to feel anything, to thank the Lord and ask him for increase.

I got an email a few days later - this was one of the lines in the email:

"Indeed as I prayed in agreement your prayer for me, my neck has improved tremendously".

I just praise God for the unusual ways He speaks and brings healing!

I am going to follow up with phone call because although she has received significant healing, it doesn't sound like it is yet 100%. Jesus does 100%