November 26, 2010

a new level of the word of knowledge

while at a mall this afternoon, the Lord revealed a couple of things to us about muslims that we met. the first one was at lunch. a very distinct word of knowledge came to my left lower leg. I asked the man in front of me ordering food and he had a problem in his leg in that exact same spot. he wanted to know how I knew - I explained that it was God who revealed it because He wanted to heal it. I prayed for him once - it didn't seem to improve after he tested it out. I told him to call me (gave him my card) as we know what the Lord intends to do for him.

later Desert Princess got a very strong word of knowledge in her arm as a muslim woman passed by her. it was so strong, she didn't initially recognize it as a word of knowledge, but when she realized that the Lord has been speaking to her in a more accurate way, she followed after the woman and was able to pray for it. It improved a little bit after praying twice. For Desert Princess, it was a whole new level of receiving a word of knowledge in public and she was rejoicing even though the woman wasn't completely healed on the spot.

this seems to be a season of both increase AND in opposition. God is giving more accurate revelation, but we are also seeing that the healing isn't coming as easily after we pray. we know that this means the enemy is stronger in his opposition to the Kingdom's advance in this muslim nation.

teaming up with Desert Princess in Kingdom revelation

this morning during a service, the Lord began to give words of knowledge - several people responded and came for prayer. one of the words was for a woman who had a problem on her left side. a woman came for prayer with some kind of lump in that spot. as my daughter and Desert Princess prayed the tumor began to shrink. we'll see what happens.

probably the most remarkable revelation that the Lord gave was that Desert Princess saw a picture of woman who had a black snake choking her. she asked if I could give the word publicly but just then a woman's name popped into my head. I asked her if she knew anybody with that name (not very common) and she said that it was the name of the woman sitting behind us. She asked me if I had remembered this particular woman's name - I did not (I'm not good with names). Sure enough, she checks it out and she has had a problem with being choked. Another person had seen the exact same picture for her during deliverance prayer a couple of weeks ago.

it was a powerful teaming up together in Kingdom revelation and ministry. I was particularly encouraged because it was only the 5th or 6th time I have been given someone's exact name by the Lord.