May 17, 2007

The Turning Point

Tonight I simply spoke a word of healing to a man in line at the grocery store and to two other people. I didn't see any immediate healing or really any improvement, but I wasn't nervous about it. It was natural, which for me, is almost unnatural. I really feel like an Everyman when it comes to the Stuff.

Last weekend, I spoke at two local fellowships. At one, I gave out four names-- no one answered. I found out later that one was right, but at the time, it was somewhat embarrassing. On top of that, I did all of it before speaking. I don't know if it affected my credibility or not. Afterwards, though, several people were healed physically and emotionally. We also released some words of destiny. At the other service, I spoke for about 15 minutes and had corporate prayer. Several people there were touched as well. God simply loves His people.

Also, last weekend we had a great conference. There were some great things that happened, but, for me, I feel like I received a huge seed that needs watered and cared for to see it come to fruition. The greatest chances in our spiritual journey to advance and move closer to God often come so subtly that if we don't turn aside and look, we'll miss it.

May 14, 2007

Contending for more & getting it

Over the past week, many different nationalities came together from a number of different Middle Eastern nations, in order to press into God and cry out for more of His Glory, more of His power and for the release of Christ's Kingdom in this region. We saw God's Glory manifest itself many times as we gathered to worship and contend corporately for breakthroughs in healing, the prophetic and the miraculous. Many had encounters with God that were unlike any before in their Christian lives. People were healed of a number of different things. Prophetic experiences were common.

In the coming weeks, I hope we will be able to post some of these testimonies as they are being retold and collected. I personally saw a measurable breakthrough in the realm of visions - in one meeting I had two different visions from the Lord which were of a clarity and length I don't remember experiencing before. I have continued to see words of knowledge coming while in public places - yesterday in a market for one of the employees and tonight in a restaurant for a Gulf Arab Muslim woman.

After these types of intensive days of corporate pursuit of God and His Kingdom, we get to see just what it is that God has imparted or released. We are all anxious to begin to 'unpack' the things that God has given us in these new 'grace packages'. May we be generous to give away and release with generosity whatever it is that God has graciously given.