October 31, 2008

muslim man healed months ago, calls his friend out

a muslim man who was healed about 8 months ago when I got a word of knowledge for a problem in his arm had his friend come out for prayer today in the restaurant they work in. I had forgotten where his problem was, but as I approached his restaurant, I got the word again and asked about his arm. It was fine. He then called one of his muslim friends out from the back (a cook) who had a physical need. I prayed for him over the counter as I held his hand. Since the problem only comes at night (a stomach problem), we couldn't see what had happened at that time.

I will go back next week to see what happened.

October 29, 2008

muslim woman wants us to "show her the money"

While Desert Princess and I were out last night, I thought I got a word of knowledge for a couple of muslim women but I was wrong. When my wife finished asking if they had that particular problem (a knee condition) which neither did, one asks her, "can you tell me something else that is wrong with me"?

This woman was ASKING for a demonstration. Desert Princess wasn't really prepared for such a bold request.

As we discussed together, we just realized how ready the Lord wants us to be to press into Him and be able to give lost people something of His supernatural Kingdom even upon demand.

We are believing God to go to new levels - we look forward to the next bold request for us to "show me the money"!

October 27, 2008

Gulf Arab man comes for deliverance from demons

a friend of mine wrote to me about a Gulf Arab friend of his who was being tormented by the demonic. years ago this man had made a profession of faith and seemed to be growing in the Lord, suddenly there was a change in him and his interest in the Lord seemed to disappear. Now he is acknowledging the cause.

we met for a short time last night, but I explained to him that to get him free I would like to have another man with me. I was able to pray a prayer of protection over him, and he seemed to have an encounter with the Lord as I laid hands upon him.

I find it interesting that this man's experience is almost identical to the others we have heard from Arab muslims seeking deliverance through islamic sources (as this man had done). they NEVER get free, they pay lots of money for the services of their so-called "exorcists" and in the end, they are more deeply demonized than when they started.

I discerned a spirit of confusion which when I described what that would look like, he said that is exactly how he has been afflicted.

There are a couple of key things that are critical - 1. he has exhausted all other means/sources (islamic, magic, etc) to get set free 2. he is desperate to get free - he came to me within an hour of me calling him on the phone late at night.

I am looking forward to sharing about the freedom that Jesus is about to bring this man by the Holy Spirit's power!

October 26, 2008

words of knowledge and prophecy in house meeting

last night while we gathered to share testimonies of the supernatural things God had been doing, He did it again - The Word of God, Jesus, began to speak again.

First it was a word of knowledge for one of young women that was in the meeting for a back problem. We prayed and the pain left. Next it was her sister's turn. The Lord spoke prophetically to me about a problem that week she had had with their father. Finally when we were ministering to these two sisters together, the Lord gave me another word of knowledge for their father - about a left shoulder problem. We sent them home to release healing and we trust to draw their nominal Christian father to the Lord.

The Lord also spoke prophetically about another young woman in the meeting and we were able to minister to her at length.

It's hard to imagine the days when we hardly believed and/or expected God to speak apart from the Scriptures - the very ways that God shows us how He speaks in those same Scriptures and yet so many who honor the written Word do not honor the prophetic ministry - prophecy, words of knowledge, etc.

Last night we were again thankful that the Lord has never changed - He is the Word of God and He has never stopped speaking to His people.