October 03, 2015

3 muslims healed

We had the opportunity to pray for a number of different people today and God healed 3 muslims.  A muslim man from India who had a toe injury that had bothered him for a couple of years.  It was hurting when I asked him if I could pray and he was healed.  He checked it out thoroughly afterwards and was quite shocked by what God had done – He asked, “How?”  We got to tell him that Jesus loved him and loves to heal people.  

Next it was a Lebanese muslim woman who the Lord began to give us words of knowledge for as we walked into the store she worked in.  Two of the words of knowledge were for her personally.  At first she wouldn’t let me pray – for a painful tooth problem that the Lord revealed to us.  I gave her a copy of the Lord’s prayer in Arabic thinking she wasn’t going to let me pray.  But then when she said that another word of knowledge, for a painful ear problem, she reluctantly let me pray.  All the pain left.  It was good that we were persistent.  I had asked her when she said she prayed for her own healing, “Why would God reveal your problems to us if He didn’t want to heal you through our prayer?”  I guess that question eventually opened her up to prayer.

Finally we walked into a shop and walked up to group of women employees.  I got a word of knowledge for a back problem in the middle of someone’s back.  A few minutes later after looking for something in the shop, I came back and gathered all 5 of the women together, 3 of them were muslims, and asked who had the problem.  One of the muslim women said it was her and so I had one of the women who was a Christian lay hands on her and prayed.  The muslim woman was healed and testified that all the pain left.

I will be able to follow up with these people and trust that they will have further questions about the Jesus who healed them and surprised them all!