March 13, 2010

right eye healed after word of knowledge

A week ago I had gotten a word of knowledge at Church for a man with problem in the right eye. He got prayer but there was still not the breakthrough. This week again I got another word for right eye problem. He came back for prayer - blurred vision and couldn't read with that eye. He received prayer from Desert Princess and my son JD, but there was no difference. They came and found me and we prayed again. He started to get healed. After praying 3 or 4 times, his eye was healed and he could read. Had we not had the clear word of knowledge twice, we probably would have given up. Sometimes the word of knowledge 'keeps you in the game' until the breakthrough comes. Thank you Lord!

4 lunch - 4 words of knowledge, 4 muslims healed (who cares about the food!)

yesterday we went out to lunch after Church (the food was great, but what happened was even better). as we walked in, I told our Egyptian muslim waiter that someone had a headache in the front of their head that needed healing (word of knowledge #1). Then I told him that someone had a knee problem (word of knowledge #2). That was for him - we prayed 2x and he was healed. The other waiter was a Sri Lankan muslim - he had the headache. We prayed 2x - he was healed.

At the end of our lunch, another Egyptian muslim came in - another word of knowledge (#3) for a neck problem. I prayed for him - he was healed.

Then as we were walking out I got another word of knowledge (#4) for a lower back condition - there were 2 Egyptian men (one Christian and one muslim). The muslim had the back problem - we prayed a few times - I got the Christian man to join in too! A friend of mine, a pastor, also joined us in prayer. The pain left this man's back!

This is an Arabic restaurant that a couple of my pastor friends visit frequently - can't wait to send these men Arabic NTs and follow up with the many other men working there who need the touch of the Father. Pray for the Christian Egyptian (God's secret agent) who works there - I'm sure he'll be having many opportunities to explain to these men what happened (healing) when the Kingdom came!!

March 09, 2010

when God's leads His children to refugee a camp

Yesterday we visited a refuge camp we were taken in thru a private entrance (if that's what it can be called… more of smuggled in) where we don't show any id and stuff (where entries are thru government authorization as every thing is on high alert due to some situations happening in the area)…. I felt the presence of God in that camp…. it is as if I am home I wanted to stay and serve God there…. as if to confirm that it is true people start connecting with me as if I am one of there own and that they knew me for a long time…it was interesting because the person who guided us kept telling us to be careful of how we talked and acted (well we were 3 Americans and 1 Dutch and a local lady with us)….we met a man muslim who 75 years of age he had diabetes (I say HAD) because when we prayed he felt something move thru his whole body and leave then there was peace inside him….he asked me if I would want to live there with his family …I smiled and blessed God….. in Gods time I believe …..later we met some men they were casual but vary of us (one of us was asked how did we enter the place and how did we get the permission) at that moment I sense the Holy Sprit come and rest on them they become friendly I receve a couple of hugs as if we were long lost friends we are asked to join them for lunch…but we politely decline….we walk to wards a monument known as a church…we see men (elderly) sitting in a shade in the compound we thought they were Christians but realized that they were muslims who were just hanging around there….we are asked to be cautious of every thing we say and do when I see people with guns…. i understand…we were called by the people to join them they were wary of us as we ware walking over but as soon as we joined them they became very friendly (i sensed that was the Holy Sprit transcending His peace) I think the only people tense there (if any) would be us because they were very comfortable with us and took us as one of theirs….. one asked if we would like to join them for lunch…..then of a sudden all the men get distracted a man in black shirt and pant walks in and all men stand up and shake his hand (he is the leader of the camp known as the captain…. a muslim) he joins us we keep talking casually….try at the same time keeping our spiritual ears open for words from the Lord….all at a sudden the captain looks at our Guide and tells her that from now on she had had his permission to meet privately with families and that she is welcome to the camp any time …..i come to know that this is not something that is of a normal case….captain gives us permission to pray I felt the presence of God in that place…. we prayed for peace and salvation to the people in the camp….captain looked at us and said that we are like them(as they don't belong to this land but are refugees) no body belongs to this world and that one day we will be going home……we came in as strangers and left as friends…..channels of peace were established thru the presence of JESUS

March 08, 2010

Hunting Gods lost treasure in a foreign land

My wife and I went out treasure hunting down town Beirut Lebanon with 3 of our local friends one of our friends got the words coffee shop, red tea shirt, eyeglasses, elie and rejection…we enter a coffee shop we see the uniform is red tea shirts there were 2 staff and both of them were wearing glasses we asked them if they were elie or if they knew someone with the name they said "no" they were quite a few people in the place but we were drawn to a man now this man about 35 years well built and showed no indicating of having any problems….we asked him if he had any emotional problems he looked at us in a very strange way (like are u guys nuts)…i explain how Gods shows people pain and that we are very serious in what we do……I ask him to let me pray……half way thru the he stops me and asks me if it is his mother or sister sent us (it came to be the words spoken was convicting him in his very being)…… I said no in-fact it was the Holy Sprit who led us to him … he dint believe me and so he called his mum and sis to confirm they (are in Syria and us in Lebanon?????) said no he now begins to weep (and the weeping is on for half an hour) we find out that Ahad that's his name is a Christian who has backslide has been blaming God for the mess-up in his life and thinks that God wont forgive him and will continue to do so ……I told him that the mess-up is because of his own doing not God's but God does love him and has not kept an account of his wrong doings….. he said that he needed to figure things out for him self and that this incident was too much for him to handle I left a number of a pastor of a local church with him with a prayer that he will continue to encounter God's healing …..oh yeah "elie" happens to be his cousin…..

On a holiday and spilling God’s love

we first notice 2 men sitting in an out door cafĂ© one of them drinking wine my wife receives a word of knowledge for a pain in the thigh we approach the man with the wine and ask him he says "no" but asks why….. we explain how the Lord shows us people pain and when we pray He heals…now this man starts to make fun of us we take it in our stride and ask the other man he says yes… we pray…. and the Lord heals now this man is amazed with what is happing (we latter learnt the man an muslim had the pain for quite some time) by now the first man stops making fun of us and looks at us dumb folded we just leave them with a message that the pain was not from God but the healing was from God and that Jesus loves them that is why the heeling came thru


some time latter we encounter an muslim man with a chest conjunction he lets us pray and starts to feel better all goes well till he hears me say "JESUS"…and he says STOP….he asks one of my friends with me if I said Jesus and says stop the prayer …I casually looked over and asked if he knew about Jesus….he said yes that as muslim he know's Him…I stopped him at that…said the Jesus Christ who he knows who is from God the one who will come to judge on the last day it is His heart and mind  I pray into  your life….ahmed was quite taken back…..cause by now his chest was clear….yet he asked me not to pray in Jesus name…. I led by the Holy Sprit to ask him if he saw any dream recently…he said yes…. He saw that some one would come and speak peace into his life….i told ahmed that it was Jesus who gave you that dream…it was he who sent us to him….why because He is the Prince of Peace

I left him with the message to get ready to encounter more of my kind of people in the future all with the message of Jesus and His peace…

When Solders meet Solders of God

I have encountered many who I have witnessed Jesus to ….but one gives me special joy to mention……I was led to the parliament building….where I had a word of knowledge for a pain in the right shin and back ach I saw a muslim army soldier and he let us pray…..Holy Sprit touched and healed him in the shinn and the back….he then asked me what do I do…..i told him than I was a solder for Christ as he was a solder for his country….. I don't fight people but sprits that are bad….he liked what I said he wanted to know more… I couldn't talk more as he had to leave….but he asked for us to meet mid week when he completes his duty….one of my friends exchange numbers with him…..he left us with a smile on his face

March 07, 2010

On a mission with the Holy Sprit

We have arrived in a meditation country 2 days ago which God opened for us to go on a mission….and we have been having a amazing time since we took off first of all the pilot was a believer who we know is being used by God in a very mighty way in His vineyard ……second on landing the immigration officer in charge a muslim wouldn't let us thru…it was only when he had a telephonic conversation with our local contact....Triump Mercy lebanon... we were released….not till we prayed for the lady a muslim who was also there in his office for whom i received a word of knowledge from the Holy Sprit for a pain in the right wrist which turned out that she had a surgery recently ….after prayers she felt no pain….next we prayed for the immigration officer in charge who had a headache who also was healed by the Holy Sprit…next on being released my wife was led to an immigration official with a word of knowledge for headache who also was touched by the Holy Sprit…she began to look at my wife and asked what kind of magic is this …to which my wife told her that it wasn't about her but it was Jesus that healed her….