March 08, 2010

Hunting Gods lost treasure in a foreign land

My wife and I went out treasure hunting down town Beirut Lebanon with 3 of our local friends one of our friends got the words coffee shop, red tea shirt, eyeglasses, elie and rejection…we enter a coffee shop we see the uniform is red tea shirts there were 2 staff and both of them were wearing glasses we asked them if they were elie or if they knew someone with the name they said "no" they were quite a few people in the place but we were drawn to a man now this man about 35 years well built and showed no indicating of having any problems….we asked him if he had any emotional problems he looked at us in a very strange way (like are u guys nuts)…i explain how Gods shows people pain and that we are very serious in what we do……I ask him to let me pray……half way thru the he stops me and asks me if it is his mother or sister sent us (it came to be the words spoken was convicting him in his very being)…… I said no in-fact it was the Holy Sprit who led us to him … he dint believe me and so he called his mum and sis to confirm they (are in Syria and us in Lebanon?????) said no he now begins to weep (and the weeping is on for half an hour) we find out that Ahad that's his name is a Christian who has backslide has been blaming God for the mess-up in his life and thinks that God wont forgive him and will continue to do so ……I told him that the mess-up is because of his own doing not God's but God does love him and has not kept an account of his wrong doings….. he said that he needed to figure things out for him self and that this incident was too much for him to handle I left a number of a pastor of a local church with him with a prayer that he will continue to encounter God's healing …..oh yeah "elie" happens to be his cousin…..

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