March 09, 2010

when God's leads His children to refugee a camp

Yesterday we visited a refuge camp we were taken in thru a private entrance (if that's what it can be called… more of smuggled in) where we don't show any id and stuff (where entries are thru government authorization as every thing is on high alert due to some situations happening in the area)…. I felt the presence of God in that camp…. it is as if I am home I wanted to stay and serve God there…. as if to confirm that it is true people start connecting with me as if I am one of there own and that they knew me for a long time…it was interesting because the person who guided us kept telling us to be careful of how we talked and acted (well we were 3 Americans and 1 Dutch and a local lady with us)….we met a man muslim who 75 years of age he had diabetes (I say HAD) because when we prayed he felt something move thru his whole body and leave then there was peace inside him….he asked me if I would want to live there with his family …I smiled and blessed God….. in Gods time I believe …..later we met some men they were casual but vary of us (one of us was asked how did we enter the place and how did we get the permission) at that moment I sense the Holy Sprit come and rest on them they become friendly I receve a couple of hugs as if we were long lost friends we are asked to join them for lunch…but we politely decline….we walk to wards a monument known as a church…we see men (elderly) sitting in a shade in the compound we thought they were Christians but realized that they were muslims who were just hanging around there….we are asked to be cautious of every thing we say and do when I see people with guns…. i understand…we were called by the people to join them they were wary of us as we ware walking over but as soon as we joined them they became very friendly (i sensed that was the Holy Sprit transcending His peace) I think the only people tense there (if any) would be us because they were very comfortable with us and took us as one of theirs….. one asked if we would like to join them for lunch…..then of a sudden all the men get distracted a man in black shirt and pant walks in and all men stand up and shake his hand (he is the leader of the camp known as the captain…. a muslim) he joins us we keep talking casually….try at the same time keeping our spiritual ears open for words from the Lord….all at a sudden the captain looks at our Guide and tells her that from now on she had had his permission to meet privately with families and that she is welcome to the camp any time …..i come to know that this is not something that is of a normal case….captain gives us permission to pray I felt the presence of God in that place…. we prayed for peace and salvation to the people in the camp….captain looked at us and said that we are like them(as they don't belong to this land but are refugees) no body belongs to this world and that one day we will be going home……we came in as strangers and left as friends…..channels of peace were established thru the presence of JESUS

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  1. I think you guys should just stay in Lebanon!!! What amazing stories. Can't wait to hear them in person.