March 08, 2010

On a holiday and spilling God’s love

we first notice 2 men sitting in an out door café one of them drinking wine my wife receives a word of knowledge for a pain in the thigh we approach the man with the wine and ask him he says "no" but asks why….. we explain how the Lord shows us people pain and when we pray He heals…now this man starts to make fun of us we take it in our stride and ask the other man he says yes… we pray…. and the Lord heals now this man is amazed with what is happing (we latter learnt the man an muslim had the pain for quite some time) by now the first man stops making fun of us and looks at us dumb folded we just leave them with a message that the pain was not from God but the healing was from God and that Jesus loves them that is why the heeling came thru


some time latter we encounter an muslim man with a chest conjunction he lets us pray and starts to feel better all goes well till he hears me say "JESUS"…and he says STOP….he asks one of my friends with me if I said Jesus and says stop the prayer …I casually looked over and asked if he knew about Jesus….he said yes that as muslim he know's Him…I stopped him at that…said the Jesus Christ who he knows who is from God the one who will come to judge on the last day it is His heart and mind  I pray into  your life….ahmed was quite taken back…..cause by now his chest was clear….yet he asked me not to pray in Jesus name…. I led by the Holy Sprit to ask him if he saw any dream recently…he said yes…. He saw that some one would come and speak peace into his life….i told ahmed that it was Jesus who gave you that dream…it was he who sent us to him….why because He is the Prince of Peace

I left him with the message to get ready to encounter more of my kind of people in the future all with the message of Jesus and His peace…

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