March 13, 2010

4 lunch - 4 words of knowledge, 4 muslims healed (who cares about the food!)

yesterday we went out to lunch after Church (the food was great, but what happened was even better). as we walked in, I told our Egyptian muslim waiter that someone had a headache in the front of their head that needed healing (word of knowledge #1). Then I told him that someone had a knee problem (word of knowledge #2). That was for him - we prayed 2x and he was healed. The other waiter was a Sri Lankan muslim - he had the headache. We prayed 2x - he was healed.

At the end of our lunch, another Egyptian muslim came in - another word of knowledge (#3) for a neck problem. I prayed for him - he was healed.

Then as we were walking out I got another word of knowledge (#4) for a lower back condition - there were 2 Egyptian men (one Christian and one muslim). The muslim had the back problem - we prayed a few times - I got the Christian man to join in too! A friend of mine, a pastor, also joined us in prayer. The pain left this man's back!

This is an Arabic restaurant that a couple of my pastor friends visit frequently - can't wait to send these men Arabic NTs and follow up with the many other men working there who need the touch of the Father. Pray for the Christian Egyptian (God's secret agent) who works there - I'm sure he'll be having many opportunities to explain to these men what happened (healing) when the Kingdom came!!

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