August 29, 2007

Healings on the way to Healing conference

Today a group of us traveled by plane (some came by car) for a series of healing revival meetings - here are just a few of the things we saw God heal/touch today "on the road" - all BEFORE the conference has even begun!!

(A number of these were revealed by words of knowledge)
left knuckles
2 people with neck pain (in airport and on plane)
knee injury
broken toe pain
abdominal pain
two sore throats
back and neck pain for a woman

Additionally, the Lord also gave a number of accurate and meaningful prophetic words for people - some for those who were healed and some for other people.

Glory to God - can't wait to see what He is going to do in the next few days.

August 26, 2007

Depression begins to drain away

Last night Star and I were at the home of some friends, who in turn had also invited a neighbour couple ("H" & "N"), who are of the Hindu religion. At one point during the evening we explained to H and N about the Christian understanding of prayer - how it is like coming to a loving Father. We asked H and N if we could pray with them, and they agreed. I asked if there was anything specific, and the husband (H) said that for two months he'd been battling depression. As I prayed, I held H's hand as I asked God to shine a light to pierce his inner darkness, and I commanded fear and anxiety to be banished from him. When I finished praying, H didn't want to let go of my hand - he said he felt energy flowing into him! Furthermore, our host said that during the prayer, he had a vision of a black substance (like crude oil) draining out of H. Wow! We pray that this is the start of a new life for H and N.