November 10, 2006

Authority comes with purity

Today I prayed with some guys that were wanting to be free from the grip of lust and immorality in their lives. At one point in the past, all that I could have done was to sympathize with their stumbling in this area, and to weakly encourage them to try harder to control their desires. But I can humbly (and joyfully) say that though these same chains once bound me for years, God broke them in an instant and now I am experiencing a level of sexual purity that I once thought was simply unattainable. So I was able to pray with these guys with great authority - what a great feeling to command these foul spirits to flee!

A wiser man than I once said that "a crisis that isn't followed up by a process will result in an abcess" - so these guys that were set free today must choose to maintain that freedom if it is to last. Still - what a blast!

November 05, 2006

Pizza man makes delivery, THEN God delivers

Last night when the Pizza delivery man approached, the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for a problem in the left arm. I asked the man if he had a pain there and he did. I told him I was a Christian and that I wanted to pray for him. He let me pray for his arm and the Lord healed him. The Lord delivered the delivery man!

Palestinian Muslim woman HEALED!

A Palestinian woman who was open to the Lord came to join us in worship. We knew the Lord has something special for her – as He always does for any non-Christian visitors! As my wife asked how she could pray for her, she said had a problem in her right arm. I remembered that about 4 days before the Lord had given me a word of knowledge for a problem in exactly the same place, but I found no one at the time to pray for. I shared that with her and we all began to pray for her arm. She said that she felt something happening to her while we prayed (as is often the case when the Lord is healing someone). As she checked her arm out after we prayed, with a very surprised look, she asked in Arabic, “What did you do to me, MAGIC or something”? Her Christian friend explained to her that it was the Holy Spirit, NOT magic, who had healed her arm.

At just about that time I got a strong word of knowledge about a problem someone having a problem/pain in the lower left side of their abdomen. I asked her if that was her and she said it was. The word came strongly about 3 different times. We prayed again for this Muslim woman and all the pain left her abdomen.

Our preaching/sharing must truly be more than ‘wise and persuasive words’. This precious Palestinian woman had an encounter with God as she personally experienced a ‘demonstration of the Spirit’s power’. We know she’ll be coming again.