April 27, 2007

How Much Can One Guy Get?

As DJ mentioned previously, we got the chance to pray for a man at DJ's house. Now, a little backstory.
A week earlier, we had made an appointment with this same man (a friend of another guy who has already been featured on this blog at least twice before). Prior to going to our prearranged meeting point, I asked the Lord what He wanted to say and what conditions did He want to heal. I wrote everything down in my notebook. However, the appointment dematerialized, and I headed back home. This brings us to the other night.
So, once we got talking about spiritual things, I pulled out my notebook and started reading what I had written down the previous week. I asked about ringing in his ears. "Na'am [yes]," he said. I then asked him if he had pain in his ankle. He said no at that time, but later on admitted that he did. I finally told him that he had pain in his left knee that he got hurt when he was playing soccer in high school. I then went on to explain that because of that injury, he started smoking as a subsitute "high." He again, nodded and agreed, but asked, "Did you know that I smoked before you saw me?' I showed him the notebook and told him that I had written the word down a week and that I had never met him. After a few moments, we moved into a time of prayer.
As we were beginning to pray, he indicated that he also had back pain that needed healing, too. So, we (DJ and I) went after the right ear. Shortly after praying, the man said that the pain left his right ear and moved to his left one. This is typically a patent sign of the demonic, so after breaking off some things, he said his ears were good. We, then, started going after the left knee. Again, he felt some heat and after only a few mintues said the pain was gone. We asked him to do something he couldn't have done before. He pulled his leg up under the other one and told us again that the pain was gone. Next we moved on to his right ankle. We prayed, he felt some heat, and also told us that it felt like something was leaving out of his toes.
At this point, DJ was able to discuss some kingdom things that the man received very well. I got up for a second to take a break and before coming back to the prayer area, felt like the Lord wanted me to tell this man that he was just and fair and that he was so fair/just that it had even been a nickname at one point in his life. Now, to be honest, this was a pretty specific word for me. In fact, coupled with the word about the soccer injury in high school, this was one of the most specific words I've gotten for a Muslim. After I had sat back down, we asked him about this and he again confirmed the word with vigorous nodding.
DJ then gave a word about a right wrist problem that the man confirmed to be that of his wife's. We were also able to discuss a heart word that turned out to be emotional pain for both of his wives. As if all of this weren't enough, before leaving, we prayed for his back and it, too, was healed.

Seriously, how much can one guy get?

April 26, 2007

Lebanese man brings Egyptian Muslim to experience more of God's Kingdom

It is amazing the way God is working - several months ago the Lord leads us one night to a Lebanese guy who gets healed and a bunch of prophetic words. Subsequently, he begins to tell all of his family and friends about us and we have had the chance to meet a couple of them. Most recently I met with he and one of his co-workers, and Egyptian Muslim, who said he wanted to meet us again.

Tonight the 2nd meeting took place - Isaac of Ninevah and I had them over to my house. Isaac will share in more detail about what happened, but in short we saw God's Kingdom come again in significant power - our Egyptian Muslim friend was healed of everything we prayed for. The Lord had shown Isaac some very detailed information about the background of some of his problems - like when they began, what caused them, etc. It was a remarkable evening!

I have gotten the sense that some of these men are coming to us a little bit like they would go to a fortune teller - even tonight after all the healings they mentioned if we would "tell them something about their futures". That really opened a door for us to speak about the Lord's concern for the 'inner conditions' more than about the more superficial matters of the futures of their businesses, etc.

In the end, most of the words of knowledge that Isaac had gotten were for him - a couple were for our Lebanese friend. As we prayed, the Lord confirmed several of those words when I got the same word of knowledge for the condition we were praying for.

I guess we are just honored that Muslims are coming to Christians to hear from God and to experience miracles of healing - talk about a trend we want to see continue!