July 17, 2009

Muslim Flight Stewardess Experiences God (Continuation)

I forgot to write some more stuff that had happened on the air. After praying for the lady, she was so blessed that she went and explained everything that happened to another flight stewardess who in turn came and asked us how we came to know about her leg problem. And again we explained about how God speaks and regarding healing. This woman who was a catholic began to understand the reality of God and then went back to work and returned asking if we could also pray for her. She explained that she had pain in her shoulders and right infront of our seats (there was enough room as we travelled in business class) she got on her knees and received Gods touch. Then i began to speak the word over her life and shared about Jesus and that God wanted to use her to touch lives. She received every word and walked away encountering the truth of Jesus Christ. Praise God!

Muslim Flight Stewardess Experiences God!

As i was flying on my way back home with my family. I felt a word of knowledge for the arm and wasn't sure who it was for. So i mentioned it to my sis and said it might be for the waitress. So she told me why don't u ask her and i said i would. As soon as the waitress began walking towards me i felt a word of knowledge for the leg. And i asked her if she had any pain in her leg and to my surprise she did and baffled she asked me why i had asked her. I let her know that God sometimes reveals others pains so He can heal them and told her that my sis would pray for her and God would heal her. Amazed at the word of knowledge she began to explain that she was wearing some kind of brace inside. She also said that she goes through intense pain frequently. Long story short she came back after leaving her tray for prayer. My sister prayed for her right at our seat having couple of people stare wondering what was going on. I then asked her if she felt anything happen and she said she felt light in her legs. I asked her if she was able to test it out or remove the brace. She said she couldn't because it would be hard to remove the brace on the flight but said that "she knew something had happened during prayer". Praise God for touching "the best" (that was her name in arabic). I let her know that " Jesus loved her".

being "stretched" prophetically

I was personally stretched prophetically over the past few days. I am more of a ‘healing guy’ and often am around more prophetically gifted people who function more in the prophetic. I ask for those needing healing, and send people to my prophetic friends for more prophetic ministry. However, I was spending time with a very prophetic Church and one of their pastors kept telling their young people to come to me for prophetic words. Talk about having to step up and press in. It was so good for me to be stretched in that way – and most importantly, THE LORD SPOKE TO PEOPLE. It goes to show that however true it may or may not be that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are residential (i.e. people ‘have’ them resident and consistently), they are definitely also released generally for the need of the moment – which is something Wimber emphasized and taught. He was right!

prophetic encounter for young teenage girl

while doing some prophetic ministry with a youth group, the Lord highlighted a young girl who I saw to be like a ‘Holy Spirit Social Director’ (a description that the girl seemed to identify with and appreciate). I saw her as a “connector of people” in God’s Kingdom and person who many would come to in order to ‘unload’ their burdens and share their dilemmas. Later I prayed further for her with the laying on of hands and I sensed the Lord wanted to release her into a seer gifting (strangely one in which the visions she would see would actually open up for her above and to the left). Anyway, I sensed that at that moment, the Lord wanted to bring some confirmation to this word and release her into a vision at that very moment. I began to pray and like an experience I had several years ago in the country of Yemen, the Lord allowed me to ‘see’ the beginning of the vision she was about to enter into. Sure enough she too began to see the same vision and as it shut down for me, it continued for her. The Lord spoke powerfully to her through a vision that was of her mother’s childhood home. She was crying as the Lord encountered her. I’m pinching myself on how much fun we get to have doing this kind of thing.

restaurant word of knowledge

While having breakfast this morning in a restaurant, I got a word for a left shoulder problem. The woman taking my order didn’t have the problem, but checked with the other staff and told me, “that would be Juan, but he isn’t working today”. I asked her if she would pray for him when she saw him. She said yes. I instructed her how to pray (basically a modified Lord’s Prayer over him). I’ll never know what happened, but we’ve got to “train and equip” the staffs of the world’s restaurants, don’t we?

foot/toe condition is healed

I had given a strong word of knowledge for a condition in the big toe on the left foot (to be honest it was so strong during the time I was preaching, that I had to actually interrupt and call it out). The woman who responded said she couldn’t actually move her toes – it had been over 6 months. She came up to me after prayer and showed me what the Lord had done – she could now move her toes freely.

knee conditions healed

Before one of the services, I got a word of knowledge for a right knee problem while giving the AV team some multimedia stuff I wanted to use. One of the guys responded. We prayed. He told me he would only know if there had been a change after some time. He came to me at the beginning of the service and told me it was healed. Although there was still some ‘clicking’. I told him, “There are no clicking knees’ in the Kingdom of God”. We prayed again and guess what? No more clicking!

During the service, a 10-year-old boy came for prayer for a knee condition. The Lord healed him and he ran all over the Church testing it out. When he came back, he not only said it was healed, but that “I think I’m faster now”!

scoliosis healed & other back conditions

An older woman with scoliosis was miraculously healed after releasing/forgiving one or two people who had put ‘performance’ on her through the years. The back problem had been discerned through a word of knowledge.

Lower back pain was called out by a word of knowledge (a teenage girl who was part of my ministry team and had NEVER gotten a word of knowledge before). We waited on the Lord, she got the word, we prayed and the man was healed.

frozen shoulder healed

2 women with frozen shoulders were touched by the Lord. One them got a partial healing, but the other one was completely restored.

a string of healings and Kingdom encounters

The past few days we seen the Lord move in powerful ways – He’s healed many, spoken prophetic words to people and many have had powerful encounters with the matchless presence of God.

I want to attempt to share some of what has happened, but in all honesty, I simply don’t remember all that we saw. Some of the people who were touched will only know after they have waited a few days, or seen a doctor.

I will try in the next few posts to convey some of what happened.

July 13, 2009

healings and prophecy in church meetings

last night and this morning, we saw God heal a number of people. Desert Princess and I saw a number of different conditions healed - knees, shoulders, back problems, etc. We are waiting to hear more reports come in. One guy whose knees were healed on Saturday night, was showing me on Sunday morning what he couldn't do - walk down steps without pain.

a completely deaf ear began to open - we have more contending to do, but we are expecting that ear to be opened completely by tomorrow night (at another prayer meeting).

while Desert Princess and I were ministering in the main service, our kids were ministering healing in a Sunday school class and saw a number of healings themselves - like father/mother, like son/daughter.

just so amazed at what God does!!!!