June 13, 2008

but what about "false teachers"?????

The cry of "false prophet" is in the air yet again.

It seems that whenever God begins to move somewhere (I am thinking of Lakeland, Florida currently), the self-appointed 'heresy hunters' point their guns and begin to rally whoever will listen around the "Beware of false prophets" slogan.

The fear of deception is alive and well and crippling believers everywhere. The bottom line is that these "Doctrine Police" have an unbiblical idea about a "false prophet" anyway. In the NT, false prophets were unbelievers (or believers who have fallen away from the faith) - not believers who made mistakes! False prophets were immoral, deceptive and not following Christ.

The idea that if a prophetic person makes a single mistake, or gets one prophetic word wrong, that they are a false prophet continues to be propagated - in spite of the fact that it has been soundly refuted. (See for example, "Surprised by the Voice of God", Jack Deere, Zondervan).

Let's however turn our attention on a 2nd category that the New Testament talks about - false teachers. 2 Peter 2 has the most to say on the topic - and similarly, a false teacher in the NT, isn't someone who holds to one false teaching, but is rather an apostate who is destructively leading people away from the truth. False teachers like false prophets are described as immoral.

The question I want to raise is this - Doesn't calling someone a false prophet (who clearly is NOT) and calling a move of God "counterfeit" and "of the devil" come dangerously close to being "false teaching"??? What about the dozens of NT passages that condemn in the strongest possible terms (i.e. people that do these things WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God) those who "cause division" in the Body of Christ?

I find it quite disturbing that the sin of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Jesus was when people attributed to satan what was the work and power of God's Holy Spirit. If Lakeland is truly a move of God, isn't saying that the Lakeland miracles and healings are demonic the commiting of that sin?

I think the more pertinent warning today is "Beware of False Teachers" who are influencing countless thousands of unsuspecting believers to miss out yet again on what God is doing in the Earth!

June 11, 2008

Out and About with the Fam

My family and I were in a restaurant and I got a wrong word for the waitress. Even though it was wrong, we went ahead and asked if she had any other pain. She went on to tell us that her left leg hurt and her back. My wife offered to pray for her and she agreed. After praying a couple of times, her pain was noticeably better and she asked my wife, "How did you do do that?" She responded, "I didn't do anything, Jesus did."

I asked the waitress about someone having neck pain. She said that it was one of her coworkers. After a few minutes, he came by and let me pray for his neck. I prayed twice and he felt significant improvement-- he really wasn't comfortable getting more prayer, but appreciative of the ones he did get.

Just livin' Kingdom.

Pizza Party!

On the same Monday night as the previous post, Shing Ding Ding and I were waiting on DJ to finish getting a shave, so we strolled down to a pizza place where my wife and I had seen some healing before. Upon walking in, the staff recognized me and I started asking questions. One of the ladies said that some of the pain had come back into her hand, so we prayed for her again. There was another lady there watching as we prayed for her friend. I turned to her and asked her if she had any pain. She said, "Only emotional pain." I told her that Jesus could touch that, too. As I stood about 5 feet away with my hand extended in her direction, we prayed that the peace of God would come upon her. After a minute, we stopped and asked her how or what she felt. She looked rather freaked because she said that she could feel my hand on her even though I was not anywhere near her! She also said that she felt peace. As I was praying for her, I got a word in the right side. I asked her about it and freaked her out even more. She said that she had just been telling her friend before we came in that she had this pain in her side and it was bothering her. I again stood some distance from her and pointed to the site where the pain was. We rebuked it in the name of Jesus and then had her check it out. She was again surprised. We were, too, because that was one of the quickest healings I had seen. Got the word, released it, done. We also prayed for the other lady for peace and the cleaner for his elbow. We didn't get the breakthrough with the elbow, but we greatly encouraged by the other things the Lord had done that night.

God Heals. . . Again!

As I look back over some of the testimonies that we have written on here, I think about how it was just a few short years ago that I thought God didn't really heal people anymore (unless it was the occasional cancer thousands of people had prayed for). Yet we now have over 400 testimonies of divine healing and/or feeling the Presence of the Holy Spirit. We also have a remarkable list of accurate prophetic words as well. The original Isaac of Nineveh once wrote:

"Do not seek the advice of him that is not thy fellow in behavior, though he be very prudent. A layman who has experienced things is more to be trusted than a sage who speaks on the basis of theoretical knowledge but without experience."

So, it is again with great pleasure that I give testimony of how God heals. . . again! This time, though, we had no treasure map and no prior words of knowledge.

We were in a barber shop when Shing Ding Ding started asking the guys there questions about their health. I was outside asking some waiters the same kinds of questions at a drive up restaurant. After not getting anywhere, I walked inside where SDD brought me up to speed. There was this one guy there who said that his chest hurt when he raised his arms. We both prayed briefly and then asked him to test it out. He was very surprised when there was no pain! He even hugged SDD! As we were walking out of the shop, some of the guys I had been talking to before came up and started asking for prayer, too! Despite the fact none of these guys were Christians, they were all very thankful. Most of their conditions, though, were only evident at different times. They all asked us to come back and see them.

a slower week in "Nazareth"

A bad day for Jesus was His ministry in Nazareth.

Mark 6:5 - He (Jesus) could not do any miracles there, except lay hands on a few sick people and heal them.

Why do I bring this up? Because I feel a bit like I've had a Nazareth type of week. Not for the same reasons that Jesus' ministry in His hometown was slow (namely their "unbelief"), but because I've been so busy this week, I just haven't really taken the opportunties to pray for the sick.

A couple of nights ago, Isaac of Ninevah, Tenacious B, Shing Ding Ding and another friend went out to see God move. I was actually not even going to join them. I had too much to do (in the middle of moving house) but decided "No, I need to stop checking things off my 'to do' list and go out with friends to see God move".

By the end of the evening, we had seen a number of miracles of healing. One muslim man in particular was so skeptical. I just kept saying "let's stop all the talking and demonstrate to you what we are talking about". Needless to say, when we finally got to lay hands on him, Jesus healed him.

I'll let Isaac of Ninevah blog the miracles in more detail. I am just so in awe of a God who is so willing to extend His hand to heal. I've been in a whole different mode this week - the "I've got to get things done mode" - however, even when I am having a Nazareth type of week (due to just busyness and being distracted), God still shows up and heals the sick.

So thankful that it doesn't depend very much on us at all. His goodness, His willingness, His power. All we do is carve out the time to take a few risks - He doess the rest.