May 03, 2007

new believer learns about spiritual warfare

A young Gulf Arab woman, who came to faith a few months ago, is quickly learning about the supernatural. She has had Kingdom dreams and the Lord Himself even visited her in one dream and healed her heart. A few days ago I was in need of God's healing touch due to an injury. My family prayed, Isaac of Ninevah prayed and I didn't notice a difference. When she prayed for me after them, she felt power come out of her and immediately the pain associated with my injury decreased probably 50%. She was very encouraged - it was the first time she had seen herself used in divine healing.

While she was praying, she also got her first word of knowledge - pinpointing the area where I was injured. That also encouraged her. However, after that the enemy really was able to come against her and she actually began to suffer physically and was having difficulty breathing. She called us in a very fearful state. I prayed with her initially and the pain left and she could breathe again normally, but it returned soon after. Desert Princess talked with her the next time, and one of the people we were with got a prophetic word as we were wondering "what door did she have open that is allowing the enemy to attack like this"? The prophetic word was right on and after praying, closing that door in repentance, all the pain left and the attack stopped completely.

This stuff is real - there is a diabolical kingdom of darkness that we often don't truly take seriously in its efforts to come against God's children and the expansion of His Kingdom. This young woman, who only recently turned to Christ from a Muslim background is a prime target as the enemy is trying to thwart her Christian growth in every way he can.

Praise God that she got to see firsthand that the weapons in the God's Kingdom - prophecy, healing, prayer, etc. quickly and adequately defeat those of the enemy of our souls.

May 02, 2007

when nothing happens

To only write about the successes, when we see miracles happen, without also talking about the failures, would be to paint an unrealistic picture.

Tonight we had the chance to follow up with an Egyptian Muslim who nearly lost his life in a horrific car accident that took his younger brother's life. He never should have lived according to the doctors, but I met him several days ago and offered to pray that God would bring more healing to his body.

We met for coffee with another Muslim friend of his. Sojourner was with me. After some testimonies and some explanation as to how Christians minister healing, we made our way to my house to be able pray in a more conducive environment.

It is an understatement to say this guy needed healing - there were multiple things to go after - he had limited movement in his knees and ankles, metal rods in both of his legs and due to a botched surgery one leg was 4cm shorter than the other. He also revealed a massive hernia that protruded from his abdomen. Basically, we weren't facing a guy with a headache!!

We prayed for quite a while - asking, releasing, commanding, etc. He felt nothing. We felt nothing. No words of knowledge seemed to come.

At the end of it, I explained that sometimes there is a delay and asked him to call me tomorrow if he noticed any differences in any of his conditions. I did feel at the very end like the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for his right knee and told him to take particular notice of that knee when he wakes up tomorrow.

Probably the best part of the whole encounter was when Sojourner and I just cried out in prayer after they left for God to intervene in this desperate situation in spite of us.

I can honestly say that nights like tonight are far less common than they used to be - but they still do happen. We keep contending for the ministry of Jesus to be repeated in and through us - tonight we got to see that we've got a long way still to go.

April 29, 2007

Hook removals 'r us

On a recent short holiday in a nation in southeast Asia, we went hiking in a rainforest with some friends. Several of us came back with leech bites. One of our friends in particular had one that wouldn’t stop bleeding - it seemed that the leech hadn’t "properly" disconnected, leaving part of its sucker behind (he could feel something hard in the wound). Independently of this, I knew of some of his struggles with stubborn sin. Suddenly I felt prompted to pray prophetically, saying that God would remove Satan’s ‘hook’ from his heart – and as a physical token, the leech’s hook in the wound would be removed. When I was finished, my friend touched the wound and, very surprised, exclaimed “It’s gone!”. I am waiting to hear that the "inner hook" has also been instantly removed!