March 16, 2015

Gulf Arab muslim girl asks, "What is it, Magic"?

She had been in a car accident and limped into the room.  I asked her to put her hand on her knee.  I prayed in Arabic the Lord’s Prayer closing it in the Name of Jesus and then asked her to stand up and check it out.  There was no more pain.  She then asks, “What is it, Magic”?  I told her NO it was God’s power.  She was pain free but there was still clicking.  I told her we would get the clicking to go too.  I prayed again.  This time breaking off any and all effects of the car accident – any fear or terror.  I commanded the clicking to stop in Jesus’ Name.  She stood up and was not only pain free, but no more clicking in her knee either!  She walked out of the room normally – no limping, no pain and no clicking.

The next day I saw her again and she was totally healed.  God is doing amazing things in the muslim world today – demonstrating His authority and establishing Christ’s Kingdom.