February 18, 2011

what's a day without miracles like? I'm forgetting!

honestly, are we living in the greatest days of all time or what? this morning we called out a number of words of knowledge in the morning service and then saw God begin healing person after person.

I didn't check with the others - but I saw a neck healed, a left shoulder and arm healed and an ear condition revealed and touched. I heard the others talking about the healing miracles they saw.

the prophetic revelation was equally as fun as God revealed a number of thing about the people who came for prayer.

February 16, 2011

healing "service" in Middle Eastern restaurant

last night was unusual (or has it become the new "normal"?). we had an appointment to meet with a Gulf Arab muslim with an injured arm. I had prayed for him in the afternoon, and didn't see total breakthrough so I scheduled a couple of us to meet him that night for more concentrated prayer.

while we were waiting for him to arrive in a restaurant, the Lord began to heal different employees - the manager's headache, a cashier's hand and another man's shoulders. Several of these conditions were called out by word of knowledge. A couple of them were muslims.

then my friend arrives and sits down. As we begins to tell my other friend about his arm injury, I got a word of knowledge for a left knee problem. He was taken back. He had injured that knee and had actually had a surgery on it. We knew that we were supposed to pray for that first. Next another word of knowledge for a neck a condition. Now he was really "spooked". He wanted to know "how" we were able to discern these things. We gave him a quick orientation on Kingdom theology! We were able to pray for his arm (which he couldn't move at all earlier) but then he got total movement back in the arm. He actually came in with his arm in a sling and left carrying the sling in his hand!

however, as we prayed, pain began moving around his body to different places. we knew that we were dealing with a demonic spirit of affliction at this point, and began to do some deliverance prayer right there in the restaurant - why not? he also told us of a "demonic gift" he had received several years before where he knew about bad things that would happen before they happened. I explained to him that it must be a demonic gift because of the fruit - he could never stop any of the bad things from happening, he was always filled with fear because of these revelations and basically he hated it. I explained that when God gives prophetic gifts, even when they reveal negative things, God always does it in order for us to warn the people and to avoid the calamity. And of course, God's gifts will leave a person edified and full of faith.

we broke all of that off of him too.

At the end, he asks my friend, "Can a muslim become a Christian?" He had seen so much of God's power (His revelation, His healing, His deliverance and ultimately His discernment as we explained the source of his gift and why it wasn't something from God), he was now asking if he could "change teams"!! That's what I'm talking about.

There will be more to this story - I'll post it as soon as there are more developments.

February 14, 2011

just more miracles even today

this morning I found out that a woman who I had prayed for yesterday was COMPLETELY healed - her knee was all messed up and she got up this morning thinking it would be the same and it was healed. She said, "it's a miracle" (she got that right).

then we went out to dinner - we saw one of the manager's healed - I had introduced my wife as a "miracle worker" (which she is). The Filipino manager was astonished by God's healing touch. So thankful that she brought us free desserts - gotta love that. We enjoyed them.

Finally one of the other server's came - he had foot pain. After prayer, he didn't any more.

Jesus got all the credit and honor as we explained to them what had just happened to them.

Can't wait to see what God does tomorrow when we are actually going out to do miracles intentionally!!!