November 06, 2009

arches form in flat feet and other God stuff

tonight as about 20 of us gathered to seek the Lord, He began to move - words of knowledge began to come. a neck was healed. a left arm. THEN one of the most unusual healings we've ever seen - arches grew in the flat feet of a young man! first one came and then the other. Amazing night! God's presence was powerful and many prophetic words came as well. There were other healings as well - chronic leg/back pain, a tooth problem and even pain in someone's tonsils. This is just the "way things should be". It's fun to be normal!

breakthroughs in healing

the other night we went to visit a couple of people in need of healing miracles. one Indian man had been partially paralyzed after a heart attack a number of years ago. the Lord gave several words of knowledge to direct us in prayer - both for the man and for his wife.

confined to a wheel chair, we prayed for he and his wife. this was the text message I received the following day about what the Lord did:

the man "slept peacefully, various pains drastically reduced, vision lot better, total body movement increased. joy and happiness in (their voices). Her (the wife's) back and neck healed".

Rejoicing in what the Lord has done!

November 04, 2009

Gulf Arab muslim woman healed after word of knowledge

I went to visit a muslim woman this week. We had good discussion as her daughter had had a complete deliverance years ago in a church here. She also told me of her neighbor who told people’s fortunes by looking inside their empty espresso coffee cup. I told her about the power that we have in God to see peoples destinies, to bring encouragement, to bring healing to hearts and for physical healing as well. I really wanted to demonstrate God’s power somehow so that I wasn’t just speaking words but “showing her the money.” As I was sitting listening to the conversations going on in the room I felt a sharp ear pain. At first I thought it was mine because the pain lasted a minute or two so I asked asked God about it and then the pain was completely gone. I was so excited because I knew it was a word of knowledge from the Lord. We had been there about 2 hours and no one had mentioned anything about an ear pain during the visit but I decided to take the leap. The pain came when I was talking to the woman of the house so I asked her if she had pain in her right ear, she looked at me blankly and then said yes I have pain in my ear and below it as well. Getting words of knowledge is so fun and I knew that she would be healed because the word of knowledge was correct and because the Lord loves to reveal His love to muslims. Another muslim woman was sitting next to me on the phone and she said to the woman, “she sees?” Then she turned to me and asked “what do you see for me?” I didn’t answer because I wanted to pray for the other woman first and then see what God has for her. My friend and I layed our hands on her and prayed in Jesus name that she would be healed and I put a few other blessings in there as well. When we took our hands away she said the pain was gone from her ear and her neck. She said she could feel a tingling sensation on the ear and on her neck. The sensation lasted another half an hour and she still had it when we left. I told her that was she was feeling was the Holy Spirit healing her. On a funny note the woman sitting next to me who was on the phone the entire time was giving play by play details the another woman on the other line about the word of knowledge I got and she then began to describe exactly what we were doing as we put our hands on her ear etc. I had to shut out her voice so I could focus on what God was doing so I don’t know what else she said. There is something so incredible about partnering with God, I felt like I could fly after the visit. This country is so dark and when I see God break into a muslim home I feel like I am in heaven. I am so thankful to the Lord for using me, nothing is more exciting than bringing HIS light into a country filled with lost souls.