December 27, 2008

muslim man needs to see kingdom demonstration of power

yesterday while in a Church service, I met a muslim man who was brought there by another former muslim. Immediately I was thinking to myself, "this muslim man NEEDS to see a kingdom demonstration of power". I mean it is tragic that scores of unbelievers visit churches all over the world and often don't see anything miraculous. How far we have drifted from the Apostle Paul's personal ministry manifesto - preaching with a demonstration of the Kingdom's power.

My personal dilemma was that I had a severe headache and yet wanted to somehow be a part of seeing God do something. At one point, I got a clear word of knowledge for a condition in or near the left shoulder. I said, "it must be for this man". I went to lay down in another room for a while to let my headache lift a bit. Finally I was able to go back into the service and ask the man if he had a problem in the shoulder. He said he didn't, but the man who brought him did. I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed. He was healed immediately.

Then a great question - right in front of his muslim guest, he asks, "how did you know that I had a problem near my shoulder"? I was able to explain a bit about the word of knowledge.

I left the service feeling like the Lord really honored what was in my heart - that this muslim visitor would see a demonstration of God's Kingdom. Can't wait to hear about the discussion that followed between these two men.

December 21, 2008

more healings (because its normal)

tonight we had a house full of folks seeking the Lord - He did what He always does - He began healing people (someone's knees, another person's stomach, another's right arm) and He also began to speak to His people through different prophetic words.

normal Christianity - or at least it should be!