October 14, 2006

The Lord says, "This guy is an alcoholic".

There is a first time for everything. About 10 days ago, I met a muslim man and we spoke about alot of significant spiritual issues. At one point during the discussion, he left for a few minutes and when he came back, the Lord says, "This guy is an alcoholic". As a muslim, this guy isn't supposed to drink at all, but I just had a very strong sense from the Lord that he had a major drinking problem.

I didn't want to embarrass him in front of his friends, and so I waited until an opportune time to see if I had heard from the Lord correctly. I ran into him again tonight and he was walking alone to go and buy cigarettes. I knew this was the opportunity I had been praying for. I asked if I could walk with him and he agreed.

While walking, I said, "you drink alcohol don't you". He said, "yes, I do". I then asked him if he felt he had a problem with his drinking. He said he didn't. As he began to tell me why he drank, which was to "escape from his problems", I knew that his addiction was real. I explained to him that the Lord had shown me that he had a problem and that if he ever wanted to stop drinking, then I could help him. He said, "Why would I ever want to stop drinking"? Definitely not the response you would expect from a muslim man!!

He didn't think the Lord gave me the insight into his drinking. He thinks I figured it out all by myself, even though I only seen him 3 times in a cafe where the topic was never raised. I made the offer again as we parted that if he ever wants to stop then I could help him. May this offer of freedom capture him. May he ponder it in his heart. May he like a modern day Nicodemus call me "in the night" and know that as a follower of Jesus I've "come from God" to help him (John 3:2) find freedom from his addiction and his sin.

October 12, 2006

Man fixing car gets "fixed" by Jesus

Last night as I neared my house driving home, I got a very strong word of knowledge in the back of my neck. I live in a rather isolated/new area of town and so the likelihood of seeing anybody was almost zero. I said to the Lord, "if this is a word of knowledge, let there be someone right in front of me when I turn into the residential area where we live". As I drive through the gates, there is a car blocking the way to my parking area. I think to myself, "here we go"!

As I approach this man, who is a muslim from Sudan, I immediately ask him if he has pain in the back of his neck, pointing to the exact area where I got the word. He is quite surprised, "how did you know that"? I gave him a quick explanation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God. He asked if I was a Christian at this point. Then I asked if I could pray for him. He agreed.

I put my hand on his neck and prayed for him, releasing the Kingdom and agreeing with what God has indicated in the word of knowledge. After I finished, I asked him, "is the pain gone in that area"? He said, "yes it is, how did you do that, metaphysics for something". I again explained what he obviously didn't understand during little talk with him.

He actually lives about 5 houses away from us and so I know that we will be talking again very soon. I just walked away after the healing and allowed him to "ponder" what had just happened to him. May this open a huge door into his family and my other neighbors. More Lord!!

October 10, 2006

He who sins is a slave to sin

Last night, until the early hours of the morning, we spoke with a Bedouin muslim friend of mine about many different topics/issues including fasting and Ramadan, hypocrisy, the purpose of marriage, polygamy, the nature of sin, and miracles too. No two faiths could be more different than Christianity and islam when discussing the topics we did last night.

While speaking about faithfulness in marriage, he said that the reason muslim men are able to remain faithful was because one woman could not possibly fulfill a man's sexual needs. I explained that answer to that question is because of the the nature of sin. Because these men were living immoral lives long before marriage, they are now UNABLE to be faithful to their wives. I told him what Jesus said, "he who sins is a slave to sin". This of course is not the islamic concept of sin whatsoever - to muslims sin is a weakness, not a disease. The solution is right guidance, not a new heart. I knew that my friend was very interested in what was being said, because I knew that he was already trapped in the snare of sexual sin. I didn't need a 'word of knowledge' or some other form of divine revelation - it was written all over his face.

As he listened to us he seemed intrigued - all of his life he's been taught that the only religion acceptable to God is islam. He had been taught that islam is the only religion that has the answers to our deepest questions and problems. Last night, his entire worldview was shaken as for possibly the first time in his life, as he was listening to us 'unbelievers' giving him answers and insights he had never heard before.

Before leaving one of our team gave him some prophetic words that the Lord has given him while we had been praying before the meeting. May God capture him in His tractor-beam of love. May he soon realize that his own islamic religion is unable to free him from his captivity to sin.

October 09, 2006

The Agony of Defeat

One healing evangelist has a message entitled, "The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat" after the old "Wide World of Sports" program from the 1970's. He uses this to describe what having a ministry of healing is often like - we are thrilled when we see the breakthrough and the healing comes, but when the results are different, we must know how to not lose heart, but rather to dust ourselves off and get back on the horse.

Just the other night, a man who is more than 50% deaf in both ears came to my home to receive prayer from Christians. I had spoken to him about the deafness we had seen healed. One of the women on our ministry team saw 3 totally deaf people healed last year while in India ministering. This man is a Muslim and he came because I had told him about the Kingdom of God - a place where God's Will is done, where the sick are healed, the demonized set free, etc. He kept saying before he came, "could it really be true that I could be healed after all these years" (more than 35 years).

He came and we prayed. About 10 of us prayed for this precious Iraqi Muslim man for at least a half an hour. He was very appreciative and felt alot of peace, but in the end the ears remained unaffected.

To only share the victories, when we see healings and miracles, would not be honest. We must also share the defeats, when we don't get the intended results. The other night was a defeat. I remember this Muslim man saying, "maybe the devil is just too strong in this case". Wow, I was convicted that such a statement was uttered in my house, 'on my shift'.

I know that Jesus told John's disciples to tell John that "the deaf hear"(Matt. 11:5). We must stand on the Word of God and not our experience. We must preach the word and not our experience as has been said.

October 08, 2006

“Immediately” They Were Healed

Yesterday I got the opportunity to join in the “before school” prayer meeting that we have started doing at Bethel. I went in feeling a little discouraged due to some bad news I had received the previous day, and was not really in that place of wanting to be around a bunch of joyful, drunk people. That being said, I desperately needed an encounter with God that would break the heaviness that was weighing me down. We did lots of praying, soaking, crying out, manifesting, and prayer walking. Still I was bummed in my spirit. After this our leader asked if anyone had any prayer requests for healing. Many did, or knew of somebody that did.

So once everyone had shared I went up to a boy in the First Year of School of Ministry to pray for his knee, which he had probably injured while under the power of God (this guy gets blasted major when hit with the anointing). He said his knee was very painful all day. So I laid my hand on him, commanded the knee well with a simple phrase, and then asked him how he felt. He said it was 35% better. I called it up to a 100%, and then asked him again. 75%. I commanded 100% a final time, and the guy was totally healed, 100%, jumping up and down, pain free. I got excited! My discouragement began to leave as I knew God had just released healing power through me. I was a conduit for his manifest presence, happy, or sad. I did not feel anything when I prayed, but something was released, and it all happened within a minute.

I am finding out that I get the most breakthroughs when I don’t sit and pray at the infirmity to leave with long drawn out words that seem to take forever. The quicker the better I reckon! Jesus always just said a word (or even nothing at all) and infirmities would be bound, and His power loosed. He contended in the secret place, and then saw immediate breakthrough when the issues presented themselves on the streets or in people’s homes. This is what I am learning to do more and more.

When Jesus told his disciples that the boy with epilepsy could not be healed except through prayer and fasting, how many of you know Jesus did not pray and fast right then and there when he rebuked the demon and it came out of the boy. He did not say “come back tomorrow after I have prayed and fasted for your condition”. No! He had already done it in the secret place, so that when instances like this arose, he would be ready for them, and be able to cast them out with a word. He was prepared, and it is from this position of faith that I am now choosing to pray from.