March 10, 2011

cysts disappear, salvations - it's hard to keep track of all God is doing!

I just wish more of our team members would be blogging (believe me, I've encouraged them again and again). I just continue to hear about a healing here, a salvation there, etc. So much is happening as people are taking risks (translation: exercising faith).

Just the other day my wife (Desert Princess) and another lady went to minister to run-away maids (who were being abused by their employers and who are awaiting their embassies to arrange safe travel out of the country).

Desert Princess told me about how several of them (hindus) gave their lives to Jesus - the GREATEST miracle! Also, a number were filled powerfully with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8 promise being fulfilled). In addition, many of them were healed including one woman where a number of cysts on her breast disappeared and all the pain left.

What a great problem to have - not being able to keep track of all God is doing!!!

miracle and healing service

this past week a "team" of us were involved in a healing service. in addition to many people being healed, we saw devils cast out, people have their first visions (Acts 2), and many prophetic words were shared.

we saw the word of knowledge functioning as the Lord Himself revealed the diseases and conditions of people beforehand.

when the team would prophesy over someone publicly, on at least 2 occasions, during the prophetic ministry the Lord revealed by word of knowledge what they also needed to be healed from. Both of the cases that I am aware of were healed.

Probably the most exciting thing was the Egyptian muslim woman who gave her life to Jesus that afternoon. That is always the greatest miracle!

It was a great time to see impartation (Romans 1:11) where people received new spiritual gifts that they began to operate in. I personally saw several people see their very first healing miracle flow through their hands as well as others receiving their first visions.

It was truly a KINGDOM event!