March 24, 2007

Why didn't you tell me Christians could heal?

For the past two years now I've been developing a friendship with a Muslim acquaintance who has many questions about his religion. As I live in a country where there is limited freedom of expression, I was being very cautious in what I said to him - for all I knew, he could be an informant. During this time he was also dealing with a severe and painful infirmity, a pain in his side. He spent a large sum of money on medicine and surgeries and even occult rituals, but none could give him relief. A few weeks ago he noticed an Arabic New Testament on my desk - with great enthusiasm he flipped through it, then he asked if he could have it. I hesitated slightly, then I smiled and said "Sure". Well, he read through it in only a few days, and when I saw him again he asked if he could accompany me to a meeting of Christians. Again I hesitated slightly, then I smiled and said "Sure". Well, he came to our gathering last night. The first thing he told me as he walked into the room was that he felt a great peace. During the meeting, various prophecies and words of knowledge were spoken over him - some with amazing accuracy. He turned to me and asked me if I had told anyone about him (I hadn't). To top it off, DJ got several physical words of knowledge for him, which resulted in various conditions being healed, including the pain in his side. He was so grateful and so surprised. At one point he turned to me and said, "Why didn't you tell me Christians could heal?" I could have tried to explain about the risk of being "too bold" in this country, but I didn't - all I could really do was apologize. I rejoiced with him, yet at the same time I felt rebuked for my timidity. Lord, I desire to follow you more faithfully - too much hangs in the balance if I do not!

March 23, 2007

A Word from A Friend

I, Isaac, got the chance to minister at a local community. Here's a summary from the leader:

The main message was shared by Bro Isaac. He informed most of the members, as the Holy Spirit revealed to him, about their call, many were healed, many names were called out for specific messages or deliverance. He had a diary with names God gave him and the word of knowledge or healing God promised for them. Is it not marvelous how the names of people from various nations like India and Africa were called out. We think it was probably the first time Bro Isaac himself came to know about such names. God’s way are marvelous. Many who were present got instant healing. It was a great blessing! There were messages for even those who could not come that day. We got many calls from members who were touched! We expect to hear many testimonies in coming weeks from those who are healed or touched.

We just could not go out of the Hall even after closing prayer as the Holy Spirit was moving in a mighty way. Some stayed back up to 10:30 pm discussing and praying for one another. Finally we could also pray for Bro Isaac and his mother. The Holy Spirit led us to pray that the whole family, including children and grandchildren, be used by God in a mighty way and Bro Isaac be used to save, heal and delver millions, through him and those those who come to Lord through him! We believe that it was a prophetic prayer.

Praise God!

March 22, 2007

And even the friend got touched!

Two days ago, DJ and I were invited to a Pakistani Muslim home to pray for the mother of one of my students. My student had told me that she has arthritic pain in both knees, plus restrictions in the arteries connected to her heart that result in her getting fatigued very easily.

As soon as we walked into the room, DJ felt a pain in a knee, so we decided to pray for this first. After praying several times for about 45 minutes and asking if she felt any improvement, she reported perhaps a 40%-50% improvement in that knee. She reported “heat” in that area. Although the pain did not disappear there was a new strength in that knee, so she could get up and walk without assistance. DJ had also received a word of knowledge about a shoulder, so we prayed for that, and there was a complete healing. (She had had problems in that shoulder for over two years.) Another word of knowledge about a headache also resulted in a complete healing for that condition. We also prayed for her heart – not only for her physical heart, but also for her spiritual heart condition. She later admitted that for a long time she had felt fear, aimlessness and hopelessness.

During this time, a family friend, a younger woman, entered the home. She sat nearby, silently watching us pray and minister to my student’s mother. At one point, I began to feel a pain in the fingers of my right hand – so I turned to her and asked if she had a similar pain. Astonished, she said yes, and eagerly allowed us to pray for her. This pain instantly vanished! She then requested prayer for her knees and elbows – and the pain in those joints also instantly left. She was so grateful! (I was also hugely encouraged, because this was the first time that I’ve been able to give a physical word of knowledge!)

DJ and I later noted to ourselves how much “easier” it was for the younger woman to be healed than my student’s mother. We believe that the mother’s symptoms may have much deeper (demonic) roots – but we believe that as she opens herself up to the Healer, these conditions also must bow to Him.

March 21, 2007

Score: Kingdom healers 1 - Islamic healer 0

Last night was an opportunity for us to demonstrate that "He that is within us, is greater than he who is in the world". Sojourner is going to write in greater detail about what happened. My 'two cents worth' is really about the challenge to face modern day prophets of Baal and to demonstrate before them that the Power of Jesus that is available to us through the Holy Spirit IS greater than whatever the so-called 'healers' (be them Islamic, New Age or whatever) we encounter have to offer.

In short, a Muslim family from Pakistan in their desperation had turned on several occasions to occult practices and Islamic 'folk healers' for their ailing mother who needed healing. First up, a self-proclaimed Islamic healer who claims to have 'more power than anyone in this country' - one of the most arrogant claims I've ever heard. He even made the statement that "God is in heaven, but I am on the earth". After he met with the mother and performed his 'rituals', NOTHING happened. We know the devil has a measure of power, but we had been praying that he would come up empty and sure enough - no healing, no miracle - nothing.

Next up was two of us last night - Sojourner and myself. What happened? I'll let him tell the story. Let's just say that we were able to do what "mr. all-powerful Islamic healer" couldn't! We give all the Glory to Jesus, apart from whom we can do nothing.