February 02, 2008

Still Going!

Tonight Tenacious B and I met with a man we have mentioned before in other posts. I happy to report that this guy (even after 2 months) is STILL sleeping well and having good dreams! It's great to get more than just a follow-up, but a follow-up, follow-up.

I also got a word for his right foot (ankle actually) that was quasi-on (his right arch was hurting him in the mornings). And, I go a name beginning with Bas____. As it turns out, he had just met a Bassam from his home country 2 days before. Tenacious B and I also declared/asked for a dream for him as well as sensing that in the next week some people would come to him and ask for advice and the Lord would give him revelation for them. We'll see how the last two turn out.

An added blessing was to hear that he has someone nearby who can tell him things about the Book and that he had been talking to this guy.

God Releases Revelation Through Impartation!

At a church meeting last night, I felt the Lord tell me that He was going to land on three people and those people would be wells for the rest of the group. He told me that He was going to impart to them a different aspect of His love and that anyone who felt like they needed more revelation in that area could come and receive. After some prayer, I invited some people the Lord highlighted to me to be wells of revelation and impartation for God as Father, God as Friend, and God as Husband. Another man came to impart vision and the gift of unity as well. It was so awesome to see the "laity" ministering to each other. It was a big free for all game of who's got the shooba now? All the while I was reminded of how God wants to empower ALL believers to do the works Jesus did AND to have the same intimacy with Him. Just for an added bonus, one of the members called me today and told me of a revelation she had had of God as Husband. There is SO much more to impartation than most of us tap into. Praise God!

when the Spirit comes in AN EMAIL

Yesterday, we received an email from a friend who has been battling with a condition they have diagnosed in her pancreas. Since we are 1/2 around the world, I decided to write a "prayer email". Recently, I had a testimony of another woman healed after we sent an email (this was after the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for her as I was writing her husband an email a few days prior). Armed with a fresh testimony, I wrote the following instructions and prayer:

Just put your hand wherever the Kingdom needs to invade (you know the drill...) Ready? Let's get this thing DONE!

"Lord, in the mighty name of Jesus, the Son of God, we declare "K's" internal organs to be restored and free of all disease. Kingdom of power come upon her now - you've already paid for this entirely! May your manifested peace invade those areas where there is currently a lack of peace. Flow into those places - uproot every ounce of darkness. We overthrow any and all authority from the kingdom of darkness that is being exercised in and around "K". We shut every door, we cancel every assignment, we break off any and every cord of influence. Holy Spirit come now and release the FULLNESS of the Kingdom of light. We take complete authority over this situation because you've given us all authority as we co-labor with you. This is your work and we release it as such. Glorify the Holy Name of Jesus - Amen"

Literally 2-3 minutes later she wrote back with this testimony:

However, as I started to read your letter, I have been getting hit with the Holy Ghost. I can't stop laughing! This is great. I can barely type. I love it. I haven't felt this in a while!!!!

Well, none the less, I completely feel His presence and am excited for what is to come. Thank you so much for contending and standing with me. I love you guys and will keep you posted!

I think I am going to go to bed now and enjoy the New Wine. I can't think of any better way to go to bed in the middle of the night than to go DRUNK in the Spirit!

gulf arab believer healed of a migraine

A relatively young Gulf arab believer called my wife, Desert Princess, the other day and was suffering from a migraine headache. This believer is isolated and the mobile phone and the internet are the predominate ways we are able to encourage her in the Lord.

As they were talking, Desert Princess offered to pray for the migraine (which she had had for about 10 hours). As the prayed, the Holy Spirit came upon our young sister and she was completely healed of the migraine headache!

God's power will come over the phone and as you'll see in the next blog - even through an email.

January 30, 2008

word of knowledge for muslim in parking garage

Tonight while walking through a parking structure, I got a very strong word of knowledge for a problem in the left forearm. The only person in my view was a man pulling out of his parking space and about to drive away. I almost dismissed the word, but it came again even stronger and I knew I couldn't ignore it. I began to walk up to the Gulf Arab muslim man who was about to drive away and signaled for him to roll down his window.

What followed was a very unusual conversation. I first asked him if he had pain in his left forearm. He did. He even rolled up his sleeve to show me where there was a scar. It hurt at that very moment. I explained to him that I was a Christian and that the Lord had revealed to me his problem because he wanted to heal him. Needless to say he was a bit puzzled by the whole encounter.

I continued that I had never seen him before and so how could I have known he had pain in that exact area on that particular arm. I again told him it was God's intention to heal his arm.

He didn't let me pray for him at that time, but I gave him my phone number and fully expect him to call me.

After the whole encounter, I found myself shaking my head at the way God speaks and the humor in where He decides to speak - in a parking garage. This stuff NEVER gets old!

January 28, 2008

The very next day…

It is very encouraging to hear back from people you pray for days after you pray to find that they are still walking in freedom. The same is true when you hear from people who did not got healed immediately to find that the very next day God touched them and took away the pain. Last night while teaching a workshop on healing amongst some leaders in the church we heard follow up stories of what God had done after our healing meeting a few days before. Here is a list of what God did and continued to do after the meeting on Friday for various people:

- Stomach pain dissolved – my wife prayed for a man who had been battling with stomach pain. When praying the man felt the fire of God in his stomach, but the pain was still there. All through the night and into the next day the man continued to feel Gods fire in his stomach to the point where it was hot. While walking through the mall the next day the fire suddenly left, along with the pain. He was completely pain free, and it happened the day after we had prayed.

- Knee completely healed
- Leg pain completely gone
- Back pain healed days later as a result of God coming and healing shoulder pain immediately at the meeting.
- TMJ completely dissolved.

God continues to work in us even after we are prayed for. We must press in and trust in God until we see the complete breakthrough.

supernatural moments in a neighboring country

This past weekend while traveling to in another country, the Lord opened up for us a number of opportunities to minister supernaturally to people around us – both believers and non-believers. While I am encouraged with what I am about to share, I can also testify that there were many missed opportunities. Our goal should always be to obey His promptings, and yet there were a occasions when the Lord gave me a word of knowledge for someone and I simply didn’t take the time, I didn’t take the risk and I didn’t overcome my own fear of man issues and offer them the Kingdom. One definition of maturity in the Lord must be missing fewer and fewer of the opportunities the He gives us.

One afternoon while in a shopping mall, the Lord gave me a couple of words of knowledge for a Bangladeshi muslim man who was working in a restaurant. As I was standing in front of him, the Lord revealed that he had both a digestion problem and a pain in one of his arms. He had those conditions, and I grabbed his hand over the counter and explained what God wanted to do before praying quickly for his healing. He was working and I didn’t have the chance to really follow up but a Christian friend of mine will.

Another time, Desert Princess and I had the chance to pray and prophesy over the Christian family we were staying with. The Lord revealed a number of physical conditions that needed healing; we prayed and things began to happen. One of their shoulders’ improved dramatically. Other pains left or were greatly reduced. A knee problem was healed – which was only verified the following morning during a pain-free 3km run. As encouraging as the healing touch of the Lord was, the prophetic words that the Lord spoke through us were the most encouraging because the Jesus spoke words of Kingdom destiny into their lives – things about their giftings and things about their roles in the Kingdom.

May I grow in maturity by missing fewer and fewer opportunities!

Asthma bows the knee...

Yesterday I was praying for a woman with asthma. After a simple prayer, releasing the Kingdom in her body, I asked her if she felt any different. She took a deep breath and smiled and said "yes - I can breathe much better!" Thank you Jesus!

(Incidentally, this broke a "losing streak" of 5 prayers for healing during the past week or so where I saw no change whatsoever!)