January 09, 2008

my thoughts about the Muslim man whose ankle was healed

I know Isaac has already posted the testimony, but I wanted to add a few things about that night and what we saw happen. I was personally in a bad way that night - my neck was killing me as I had woken up that morning with a stiff neck. I was simply not headed out to demonstrate the Kingdom and try to obey Matthew 10 - 'heal the sick'. I was staying in.

By the time Ravished and Isaac had gotten to my house, I was feeling well enough to at least be a "warm body" as they headed out. I fully didn't expect to be that much of an initiator and/or participator in the evenings' festivities.

What I learned yet again, when that Muslim man told us about his painful, sprained ankle, is that God is never tired, He is never sidelined by a stiff neck and most importantly, when we extend our hands in His Name, HE SHOWS UP!! Our friend was shocked at the way he went from a painful sprain to 90% pain-free. I was shocked at how God still used me on a night when I wanted to simply roll over and go to sleep.

Obviously what happened to this man was significant enough that he had a Muslim woman who needs a miracle call me the following day and even as I am writing my wife is going to meet with her to minister God's Kingdom.

I'm glad I decided to go out that night. It never depends upon us anyway - why do I always keep forgetting that??????

January 08, 2008

God Heals Ankles and Draws Another Through Visions!

Last night, DJ, Ravished, and I went out on the town to do the stuff. We had gotten the word to go to this one restaurant in town so we all piled in the car and headed to it. As soon as we walked into the door, there was man there DJ knew! We had a polite conversation and then we went into the restaurant. After our waiter took our order, I asked him if his back hurt. He said that it didn't and then told me that his right ankle sometimes gave him problems and that it was hurting right then. I had gotten a word for a right ankle prior to heading out that night, so I showed him in my little notebook where I had written it down. We, then, prayed for him and he walked around and confirmed that it didn't hurt anymore. Since he didn't have much of a reaction, we doubled-checked with him later that he had had pain before, that after we prayed it had left, and that it was still good. He confirmed it again. From there, we crossed the street to visit some of the guys we had seen touched a few weeks ago.

We sat down in K's shop and started talking. His neighbor shopkeeper (R) then came in and sat down as well. He had to go, but promised he'd come back. Once he got back, we went after K's ankle after I had shown him where I had written down in my book a word for a left ankle. We prayed for a minute and he tested it out and was surprised that it didn't hurt! He walked around some more and started bending it a lot and then came back and told us it wasn't yet 100%. We prayed two or three more times and got up to 90% and then declared that it was a done deal by tomorrow. R, however, started to share with us how his seeing gift had come back and how he had seen some things in a vision before they happened. We told him that God had given him this gift to draw him to Himself and that our meeting wasn't mere coincidence. R went on to relate how he felt like a failure and that he didn't feel like he was really living. DJ was able to share some solid Kingdom stuff with him before we had to leave, but R is hungry and we'll see him again soon I'm sure.

One more note: the whole time we were talking in K's shop, he did more business in that couple of hours than he had done all week. We are God's blessing to the world.

January 06, 2008

Which Counter?

I really believe that God wants to do some crazy stuff and tell us crazy stuff, too. It's not that He just wants to tell us crazy things for the sake of nuttiness, but because it's communication and He really wants us to learn how to hear Him at all times. So, I was sitting in an office waiting for my number to be called and as I was sitting there, I had the thought to ask the Lord to tel me which counter was going to be the one that was going to call on me. I asked and in my mind I saw myself going to the counter on the far left. After a few minutes, my number came up and it was the guy on the far left. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I like to think that my Father wants to communicate to us so much so that He'll even throw out some crazy stuff for no apparent benefit to world evangelization.

Cancer Reduced!

A friend at work was telling me of his father-in-law who was dying from cancer. I related to him one of the stories of cancer being healed from this blog and told him that I would be praying for him. A few days later, my friend came back and told me that his father-in-law had "miraculously" recovered and was coming here to visit next month. I'm not sure if the cancer had been completely destroyed, but he has indeed been given a second chance. This guy went from near deathbed to planning an international trip.

Praise God Who is bigger than the big "C" word.

God Answers Everything Prayed For!

Tenacious B. and I met with the same guy we met with the previous week-- the one we had first met out in the middle of nowhere on the night of nothing. In our second meeting, we had prayed for him to quit smoking, quit having troubling dreams, to sleep easily and well, and we declared that he would have an important dream in two nights.

When we met up, he looked like a totally different person. He had shaved and was actually radiant. He told us that he had slept 10 hours straight the night after we had prayed and that he had had no more troubling dreams. On top of that, he went from a pack a day to a pack in two days (or there abouts). And to top it all off, he did indeed have a dream that he was an owner of a gold shop. We had him read from Revelation about buying gold without price, etc. He was really pumped. So much so, he brought a friend a long.

This friend sat quietly for most of our visit, but then we started doing the stuff with him as well. I got a word about his uncle or father being an officer in the military. That was on. I also had this crazy word that he had hurt himself when he was younger and still had a scar on his left shin. That, too, was on. I was freaking out myself. That was pretty specific. I also got a word that he had gotten fillings in his teeth in the past two years which was on as well. I gave another word about stomach problems that bothered him when he was a child, but didn't affect him as an adult. I got that he had a younger brother and that he felt very comfortable with adults as a child. Then we got into the destiny words: I felt like he was a creative parent and was going to get some great ideas about how to discipline.

As we ended the night, I looked at our friend and felt the Lord telling me: I'm assigning an angel to him now. Tell him. So, I had Tenacious B. translate. He looked rather nonplussed. For me, though, it was one of the craziest words I had given.

They definitely have a lot to chew on. . .and so do I!