September 04, 2006

Starbucks employee get healed!

While ordering coffee, I got a 'word of knowledge' for the woman who was serving us - I felt a sensation in my right shoulder. I asked her if she had pain in her right shoulder. She confirmed that she did which surprised her. I explained how I "knew" she had a problem and then asked her if she was a Christian - she was. It was the day before she was to go to Church so I told her to have her pastor (or whoever prays for the sick) lay hands on her and she would be healed. I told her that if for any reason she wasn't healed during prayer, that I would come back in a few days and we could pray again then.

A fews days later I saw she was working and asked her how her shoulder was. She had gone to her pastor who laid hands on her and she said she felt "electricity" come into her shoulder and she was completely healed. She was so excited as she told me the testimony. She told me that the shoulder problem had affected her ability to work and that she was so grateful to God for His healing touch.

I'm wasn't sure why I had the thought to have her go to her Church for prayer, but I think it was a 'word of wisdom'.

September 03, 2006


I'm into miracles. Actually, WE'RE into miracles - my family and the community that gathers in my home to pursue God, His power and whatever is available to followers of Jesus Christ. The funny thing about miracles is that once you begin to experience them, you really can't go back to a life without them.

For years, I didn't really believe there was that much of the miraculous available for us - or maybe I should say, I didn't "expect" to see God's power manifested in and through my life, or the Churches I attended. That has all changed over the past few years. God broke into our very predictable Christian lives and began doing things and saying things that I had only read about previously.

This blog will be about what HE DOES. For the most part, I will try to limit what is written to things that can only be explained in supernatural terms - miraculous healings, prophetic words, divine encounters, etc. I have invited some of my friends who are also on this "journey into the miraculous" to post as well.

My hope is that skeptics (all kinds including "Christian skeptics") will find this blog and wrestle with what is written. Jesus said that "if I don't do the works (miraculous ones) of my Father, you don't have to believe me". As a follower of Jesus, I need to be able to say the same thing - IF I DON'T DO THE WORKS THAT JESUS DID, YOU ARE DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE A WORD I SAY.

Let the games begin...