February 18, 2013

former Iranian muslim's partial deafness healed

Here's a testimony that I received from one in our community.

I was meeting with an Iranian man (former muslim) who came to Christ when
a man in white appeared in his room 4 years ago. Because I was traveling
to America the next day, he asked me to bring him a nice hearing aid. "I
didn't know you had a hearing problem," I said. He told me that for a long
time he had poor hearing in one ear, and when he had a cold he could
hardly hear anything at all.

I prayed for him 3 times during our meeting, but nothing changed.

At 11pm that night he called me 3 times. I answered the 3rd time, assuming
by then that it couldn't wait. He excitedly told me, "I'm better! I'm
better! I can hear! I don't need a hearing aid anymore!" We rejoiced
together over the phone. God loves his children!

I spoke with him again today and he is still healed!