January 19, 2013

5th century blogging of miracles

St. Augustine changed his belief about the continuation of the miraculous gifts (one of the few things I affirm in a man whose theology deviated from that of the Apostles) after he confirmed healing accounts in his area.

A very interesting thing was happening at that time. Christians WERE RECORDING the miracles and keeping a written record. In other words, they were "blogging" in their own 5th century manner!

"before I couldn't do this" (surprised as ankle is restored)

Last night in our encounter God meeting the Lord highlighted a right ankle problem.  I had called it out by word of knowledge earlier in the meeting but no one responded.  Later as we were ministering prophetically to a first time visitor, the word came back to me strongly and she said, "I don't have an ankle problem but I broke it years ago and can't straighten it like the other one".  I knew the Lord was about to do something.  So I had my daughter lay hands on her ankle and we all prayed.  During the prayer the word of knowledge "lifted" from my ankle and I thanked the Lord for what He was doing.  We asked her to test it out and she began to show us what she wasn't able to do, and said, "before I couldn't do this….". At that moment, she realized that the Lord had healed her ankle and restored it to be just like the other AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

man from Myanmar healed

We are seeing an increase in workers coming from Myanmar (formerly Burma) who are mostly Buddhists but we met some who have come to faith in Christ.  They are very open to the Gospel.  We were at a restaurant and our waiter, from Myanmar, had a back problem.  The Lord had revealed it by a word of knowledge.  I had him put his hand on his back and prayed quickly.  He testified to a tingling sensation going on and whatever pain he had left.  We'll be able to follow up with him as we visit this particular restaurant quite frequently.  I love it how the Lord brings the unreached nations of the earth to our doorstep (even in an unreached muslim nation) to bring them the power and message of Christ's Kingdom

January 14, 2013

follow up with an Egyptian muslim woman who was healed

An Egyptian muslim woman had been healed after a word of knowledge and received accurate prophetic words back before Christmas on December 23rd.  

Today, my Lebanese friend "Moonbeam" and I went to follow up with her.

We learned that on the day that DJ, Isaac of Ninevah and the others went into the shop she worked in was her lowest point.  She couldn't smile and was depressed when they walked in and began getting words of knowledge and seeing people healed.  Her ankle had been healed that day and was still completely fine 3 weeks later.  She could remember ALL THE PROPHETIC WORDS that Isaac and the others had given to her.  She was scheduled for a surgery the following day and somehow the visit and those prophetic words proved to prepare her for a day she had been dreading in fear.  It was if she was excited about a surgery.  It was remarkable!

During that first encounter, DJ has received a couple of strong words of knowledge about her need for inner healing and heart pain and had explained that it would be better for me to come and minister later.She had also asked DJ if she had been cursed and he explained that we could help her with that.

Today she told us that everything in her life was a disaster and going wrong.  She was desperate for hope and encouragement.  While with her, I got a new type of word of knowledge that there had been "word curses" against her  - at first I didn't know what the word of knowledge meant, but the Lord followed it with a word of wisdom so that we had understanding.  During the time of prayer, we broke off any and all curses.  We prayed that she would feel God's love and for all the heaviness she was feeling to go.

Moonbeam shared many things about the Gospel with her.  She told her about the benefits of the Cross of Christ – basically we shared why we could help her, our authority over the kingdom of darkness and the power of satan.  Muslims know nothing of such authority.

She said she could see "light" while we were praying and experienced extreme peace and hope.  I had some prophetic pictures for her of doors opening and flowers blooming.  I also prayed that she would have a dream.  Moonbeam prophesied a new change was coming to her life regarding her employment.  When we left she said she was excited again about her future.

We are excited to see what God will do next with her.