November 13, 2010

miracles in the jungle

while out today exploring a jungle area and some beaches in Indonesia, we came upon a private estate overlooking the ocean. God began to give words of knowledge - the estate manager's back was healed - he was a Christian. he went in and brought out a woman who had one of the problems that the Lord had identified - a left shoulder problem after two injuries. The Lord completely healed her. She was shocked. This hindu or muslim woman (I didn't ask) was so excited that she was jumping up and down. We also prayed for her back - which was healed. My son and I got to tell her about Jesus. I even made a video of her testifying because she was so excited. All of this led to the wife of the owner of the estate to come and meet us to hear about the healing miracles happening outside of the estate!

on our way out, we stopped to buy a drink in a small shop and the Lord identified a problem that the owner (a woman) had in her stomach. We prayed for her and she felt intense heat in the affected area.

healings at breakfast

it all started this morning at breakfast. I got a word of knowledge for muslim woman who was working in the hotel. Desert Princess prayed for her and she was healed - her knee and elbow. this led to a host of other employees coming for prayer - some hindus and one Christian. one woman's hip improved. one hindu woman kept bringing people to us all day long for prayer.