November 10, 2007

3 Iranian muslim men healed

During a conference, I met 3 curious Iranian muslims. They didn't understand much of what was being said, but they saw people being touched powerfully by God. One of them had a seriously deformed leg and was obviously open to a miracle.

I couldn't communicate very well with them, but I asked if they had any pain in their bodies that needed healing.

The first man said he had a knee problem. I laid my hands on his knee, asked God's Kingdom to come and he was healed.

The second man had an arm problem. I had been getting a fairly strong word of knowledge earlier about the very area that was bothering him. I laid my hands on his arm and his arm was healed.

Finally, the third man had chest pain and after prayer he was healed as well.

Even though these men couldn't understand what was being said, they were back for the evening meeting and seemed to have brought a bunch of their muslim friends. I guess their healings sparked their friends' interest.

As they head back to Iran, we are praying they will seek out Christians who will be able in their own language to explain that it was a God of love who touched their bodies in healing.

November 07, 2007

Deaf Dude in the Park

I prayed for a Pakistani Muslim in a park today. He was wearing an ear device. So, in broken Arabic, I explained what I was going to do and he allowed me. No results.

He walked away just as deaf as he was before I prayed. It's important that we make sure that no one gets the idea that we at joel2generation ALWAYS see results. We're still contending.

November 04, 2007

Out and About

Last night I met up with DJ and some friends at a local restaurant. For most of the meal, I noticed this guy with two withered hands eating behind us. Now, I'd like to say that I had the faith to pray for this man and see this work of the devil done away with, but I didn't have it at that time. Instead, as I was leaving, I told our waiter thanks and asked him if he had chest pains or a pain in the neck on the left side. It turns out that he didn't have any pain in the chest, but he nodded about the pain in his neck. I prayed for him and asked again. He motioned that it was gone. I said, "Praise God" and walked out. As we were standing on the sidewalk outside the restaurant to go home, the manager of the place and this waiter come out to us and the manager asks me, "Did you pray for this man in Jesus' name?" I said, "Yes, yes I did." Then, the manager went on to say that he was a Christian too and invited us back in for some tea. As it turns out, he is from a long line of ministers and his father-in-law has 40 churches back in his own country. He invited us to come to his country and minister at some of these churches. During our conversation, DJ got a word for a headache and it turns out it was this brother's. He prayed and within seconds the headache was gone. The brother was mildly shocked.

It's always awesome to see God show up just when you're out and about.

prayer for an emirati muslim woman after a word of knowledge

this past week, I got the opportunity to partner with my wife, Desert Princess, to release the Kingdom into the life of a muslim woman. while walking through a crowded marketplace, I got a word of knowledge for someone with a shoulder problem. When I am around alot of people, I usually ask the 1st person who I notice after i get the word, and in this case it was a muslim woman in a shop.

I told my wife about it and said, "I think that woman has a shoulder problem, do you want to check it out"? (she actually hates it when I do that - unless it works out!).

Anyway, she approached the woman and asked her if she had a problem in her shoulder which she did. Desert Princess got to pray for this woman with Eastern Princess and also Dark Horse. They were also able to share about the Lord with her.

There was no noticable difference at the time of prayer in the woman's shoulder, but since God doesn't give us words of knowledge for our entertainment, we know that the Kingdom was released and will not return void!!

restaurant manager + word of knowledge = no more headache

Last night while Isaac of Ninevah and I were sitting with an Indian Christian restaurant manager, I got a word of knowledge that he had a headache in a specific area. He did have a headache in exactly the same area. I laid hands upon him, God’s presence came and all the pain left. Pain-free zone establishment!

moroccan muslim surprised by God's Kingdom

While visiting Dubai, I was being driven by a Moroccan muslim taxi driver. I asked the Lord to reveal something about this man to me and I began to get a strong word of knowledge about a problem in the upper left arm and also for general numbness in the left side of the body.

I asked this man if he had a problem in his arm, he said, “No” and of course wanted to know why I had asked. At that point, I got the impression that it wasn’t a word for him but for one of his parents and then specifically it was for his mother. I asked if his mother, who is in Morocco, had this problem. He said, “No”.

At this point, I took a risk. I asked if he would call her in Morocco and check to see. He said he would but was now really curious. I began to explain to him that I was a Christian and that God wants to heal and demonstrate His Kingdom. He asked for me to pray for him before we got out of the taxi. I instructed him to call if his mother in deed had the problem I described.

Two days later, I received a call from this man. He had checked with his mother and she had exactly the problem that the Lord had shown me through a word of knowledge. This man is now very interested to learn more. A former muslim will be following him up in Dubai and also we are going to arrange for someone to go to his mother in Morocco and to pray for her healing.

The Kingdom of God was truly ‘at hand’ in the taxi – even though the mother was thousands of miles away.

Public Transport Encounter

I am not usually one to have something happen to me and immediately start writing a blog, but I had an encounter with an Egyptian man on a bus today, and it really got me thinking. For the past few weeks I have had a burning heart to reveal Gods love and goodness to people through the avenue of healing, but struggle due to my lack of Arabic. I see people with casts or with crutches, yet feel there is little I can do but embarrass myself if I approach them with the message of God’s kingdom and can’t even communicate. That being said, I am fed up letting the language barrier stop me from doing what God has called me to do. I have been asking God to keep bringing people who have infirmities into my proximity so that I would be bombarded with opportunities, and He has been faithful in answering my requests.

While on the bus today, along with my wife and fellow friend, I noticed an Egyptian man walking outside with his arm in a sling. My heart went out to him, and I wanted to walk off the bus and begin ministering to him. This plan was not going to work however, since the bus was just about to leave (conveniently enough). As the bus rolled away from the curb, I forgot about the man and began pondering other things. We made it about 100 yards from the “bus station” when I turned my head to see the man with the sling standing next to me in the bus isle. I was shocked, as I had not even seen him get on. He was looking off to the front of the bus, minding his own business, when I tugged nervously on his sleeve to get his attention. He turned around and looked at me as I pointed to his arm and shrugged in such a way as to ask him what happened. He played along and made a slight motion with his body of him having fallen and broken it. I nodded my head and went back to staring at the front of the bus. I was nervous. I turned my head back to the isle where the man was standing and saw a small key chain hanging out of the mans pocket that portrayed a Coptic Orthodox print of Jesus on the cross. I took a double take; just to make sure that my eyes were not deceiving me. The man was Orthodox. This gave me an extra boost of confidence to continue.

I tugged on his sleeve for the second time and asked him “Moomkin Asalaylak”, which in my broken Arabic basically meant “can I pray for you”. I then asked “Yessua Yedar Yeshyk” which I am fairly sure means “Jesus can heal you”. He seemed to understand, but was still a little confused. By now others on the bus became interested in what was happening. A man behind me repeated “Asalaylak” to the injured man, making sure he understood that I wanted to pray for him. The injured man nodded after I kept asking. A Muslim man in front of me was getting a little agitated, so I quickly began to pray. I prayed for about 10 seconds, and when I was done the man grabbed me with his good arm and kissed me straight on the head. I then asked him “Tamam ---- Shway?” (which kinda means “Good--- a little?”) as a shrugged my shoulders in question. He replied “Enshalla” – which means “If it be God’s will”.

Even though this was an Egyptian believer, he questioned whether it be God’s will to heal him. In my experience as a Christian, I have found that many people have a hard time establishing what the will of God is for their life, especially in regards to healing. They are unsure as to whether it is God’s will that they be healed or live in a state of divine health. In Islam, the word “Enshalla” is used in almost every life situation. So if you die tomorrow in a car, it must have been gods will, because everything is written. If you break your arm, god willed it upon you for some greater purpose (of which only he knows why). Nothing happens in life without god doing it, according to that Islamic, “Enshalla” mentality. I noticed today after having an encounter with an Orthadox Egyptian man that he too had this Islamic (or just unsure)view towards the will of God.

After about 5 minutes the tire popped on the bus we were on and we all had to pile off. Standing on the side of the road, the injured man approached me and we engaged in further conversation. I explained to him the goodness of God as best I could, and that it was God’s will to heal him. Others you could see were interested that the two of us were conversing about such things, but at that point I had a grace on me, and my wife was nearby interceding for me. I told the man “Yessua Moomtaz doctor”, which is my very choppy Arabic for “Jesus excellent doctor”. The man said he would be better in 25 days, but I kept re-assuring him that he could get well sooner. He helped us get home the rest of the way and became our friend for the evening. It was a very special day, and a Orthodox Egyptian man was blessed. Praise God! Pray that God would speak to him more about the willingness of God to heal, and that He would bless him and heal him today, in Jesus name, as a testimony of God’s goodness.