June 26, 2012

the goodness of God

we've got to keep forever before us the fact that God is completely GOOD.  Bad theology reflects poorly on our God of Love.  we need to tell people who are in pain, who are suffering and who are facing horrendous circumstances that God is NOT the author of these things.  He is so good, and so resourceful that He can bring good results and growth out of terrible pain BUT He wasn't the author or cause of the pain.  this confuses people who in the name of "God's in control" blame God for many things that the Bible ascribes to Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness.  Our theology has to be consistent.  God isn't somehow good but "secretly" does evil things.  Even today hearing the story of a friend's son who is being bullied at school.  The amount of people who wrote on her Facebook wall that God was somehow behind this to teach her son something was pitiful.  As if God wants kids to bully others?!!  Come on - let's stand up when people dish out crappy theology (and I wanted to use another term a bit stronger than "crappy").  God is an AMAZING Father who doesn't do so many of the things that well-meaning Christians credit Him for.  May we somehow by God's Grace free ourselves from the poor theology that Augustinianism and Calvinism have somehow left us.

Desert Princess leads services and God heals

this past weekend while I was in another city, my wife, Desert Princess was preaching in a Church and in the second service she started getting words of knowledge - I listened to the message and this is what happened in terms of healings - she called out the words, had the people stand up and the people around them lay hands and this is what the Lord healed as she prayed.

1. stomach issues - several
2. right, upper leg - 1 person
3. left kidney - 1 person
4. right calf - 1 person
5. left arm - skin condition - 1 person
6. heartburn

pain left people's bodies and they testified publicly

healings at a house of prayer

this past weekend I was asked to share in House of Prayer.  The Lord was good and a number of words of knowledge came and we saw people healed of several different conditions.  knees, feet/ankles, backs - that's what I can recall.  there was a broader ministry team, so I know that there were others touched as well.  this is NORMAL Christianity - don't let anybody tell you otherwise.